The best excuse for not be able to set up a meeting

Last week I probably got the best excuse for not be able to set up a meeting:
I was planning a president Markides visit to the US and walked in to Professor Dick Zare Office to talk to his secretary to set up a meeting with him in January.
The reply I got was that he would not be able to meet with president Markides in January because he would be in Washington DC shaking hand with the President of the United States.

I truly believe that excuse never gets old!
I did not get the meeting I attended but for some reason I felt that it probably was the best excuse I will hear for many years to come.
Being a great fan of the TV-series West Wing I always felt very humble for the people to actually get to meet the president.
We should be very proud because Dick Zare is also an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering at Chalmers and he is going to Washington to receive a price for his work for teaching and education.

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