Welcome to the new blog of Chalmers USA

During the upcoming year I will serve as the representative of Chalmers USA.  For the next year I will be living and working in the country. Hopefully I will be able to share my experiences and help you to take part of what Chalmers is doing currently in the USA.

Thanks to Chalmers relations with Stanford University I had gotten the opportunity to experience Stanford from the inside by having an office in Zarelab on Stanford Campus. It is a great opportunity to see this world class university from the perspective of the researcher that I share office with. I will try to let you know more about Stanford as my blog progresses.

This is my first blog input but there are many more to come. So if you want to easily keep updated on the latest on Chalmers USA or just reflections from “chalmerists” in the USA, please sign up for an update alert. (Just enter your e-mail in the box “prenumerera” to the left)

Since Chalmers is located in Gothenburg I cannot help to start this blog up with today´s funniest news article from the local news paper Göteborgs-Posten

A very important part of what I will do here in the USA is to help our alumni to become part of the Chalmers network. Together with US Friends I work to strengthen Chalmers in the USA. For the ones of you that do not know what US Friends of Chalmers is – here is a short update:

US Friends of Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 2002 by a group of Chalmers Alumni in the US. The objective is to promote and increase the support for education and research at Chalmers University of Technology. The corporation is operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. US Friends of Chalmers University of Technology, Inc., is a Section 501(c)(3) Corporation.

More information about US Friends of Chalmers >>>

This is what Chalmers and US Friends are trying to do:

To whom it may concern,
This is your opportunity to support Chalmers in finding a sustainable future. Your contribution will help us find the solutions to the global environmental challenges. Chalmers is currently a leader in research on environmental technology and energy and we want to continue to be so. We cannot continue to be so without your help, so please help us to create tomorrow’s technology.

Sweden has not got a long tradition of seeking alternative funding for research and development. What has become clear is that if we are to be competitive, we must find ways to do it successfully. Many people in Sweden believe that it is not possible to perform fundraising from alumni or that alumni does not care enough about giving back to the university that gave them a free education. We do not believe that is the case. We believe that many of you have both the will and interest in helping us getting better and continue to be a world class university. Step up and help us and send your contribution to Chalmers and the U.S. Friends of Chalmers.We promise that we will do everything we can to ensure that your contribution will make a difference.

Are you one of the people that can and want to make a difference? Do not hesitate – go visit usfriendsofchalmers.org and find out how you can make a contribution.

This concludes my first blog input but there will not be the last. You can follow my progress here on the blog!

See you soon

Robert Falck
Project Manager
Chalmers USA

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  1. Janne Käll

    ang, today´s funniest news article from the local news paper Göteborgs-Posten
    …och jag som uppfostrats med att inte stoppa kniven i mun 🙂