Chalmers on RETECH 2010

Chalmers and US Friends of Chalmers were pleased to invite our alumni to RETECH 2010. In cooperation with Volvo Corporation Chalmers offered free access to RETECH 2010. The exhibition offered several exciting meetings with both technologies and experts from different fields. At RETECH 2010 you could find the latest innovations in energy solutions. As an engineer it was a pure delight to get the opportunity to explore the latest technology. One of my personal favorites was the company that uses Archimedes Screw to transform water waves into electrical power:

Volvo was one of the main exhibitors at RETECH 2010. In the stand Volvo showed the latest MACK truck. All visiting Chalmerists got the opportunity to get a special tour of Volvo North America by Urban Wass, manager of the department of environment & chemistry at Volvo. The visiting Chalmerists took the opportunity and asked several difficult questions to the Volvo representatives.

Thanks to Volvo and US Friends of Chalmers we had a great day and I could recommend everyone to visit RETECH 2011.

Facts:  More than 1 000 mechanical engineers from Chalmers work at Volvo AB and Volvo Cars.