New international internship program in co-operation with Volvo Group

We invite you to participate in designing your international internship within the Volvo Group!
On September 24 the Volvo Group launched an international internship program, designed to support cooperation with our Preferred Talent Partner universities (part of the Academic Partner Program).
Within the program we will on-board 12 students for an internship abroad for a period of 3-6 months in 2013.
Applicants are invited to describe their ideal mission or project in their application and we will match/design the internship for the final 12 candidates. The recruitment process includes a web based video interview for candidates selected in the first phase, and face-to-face interviews with Volvo Group HR managers in the final step.
In the above film you can watch an introduction to the Preferred Talent Partner International Internship Program with Kerstin Renard, head of human resources, Volvo Group.

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