Abhilash praises Chalmers warmly in new film

While his friends stayed on in India, Abhilash “Abhi” Ram chose to study for his master’s degree at Chalmers.
The Swedish Institute has now made a film in which Abhi tells how he discovered this little university of technology in the far north.
‘I have developed enormously during my three years in Sweden. Chalmers is not only an exceptional research environment supported by skillful professors – I like that as a student we are encouraged to challenge old ideas and think critically,’ said Abhi, who recently completed his master’s course in Micro Technology at Chalmers.

In the two minute film we follow Abhi from India to the laboratory and the campus at Chalmers. He is an enthusiastic ambassador for the university and for Sweden as a country in which to study.
‘Teachers at Chalmers are addressed by their Christian names and the warmth and friendliness here is amazing. Staff really care about you and your ideas. Large parts of research are strongly related to sustainable development, and I think this is the future,’ said Abhi.

The film is part-animated and clearly influenced by Norwegian pop group A-ha’s epoch-making video made for the universal hit “Take on me” from 1985. An innovative and elegant film from the Swedish Institute.
’Don’t hesitate if you get the chance. Sweden offers many opportunities. Be who you are – and be proud of it,’ said Abhi Ram.

Watch the entire film >>>

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