New scholarships from Mölnlycke Health Care

Two new scholarships worth a total SEK 560 000.
This is the result of the investment that health care giant Mölnlycke Health Care is making in collaboration with Chalmers.
The scholarships are to cover two years of fees for fulltime students from China or USA.
”We have chosen to invest in scholarship collaboration with Chalmers because we are certain this will benefit Mölnlycke, Chalmers and the students who qualify for scholarship,” said Fredrik Afzelius (to the right), HR manager at Mölnlycke Health Care’s Wound Care Division.

Mölnlycke Health Care wish to actively support students in the Master’s Programmes Biotechnology and Management and Economics of Innovation, and are therefore funding two new scholarships at Chalmers.
‘We regard Chalmers as an outgoing university of technology with global attraction power. Because we are a global company working with medical technology, Chalmers students are an obvious target group for us. One of the advantages Mölnlycke Health Care gain from this scholarship collaboration is valuable exposure to Chalmers students. We believe this will work to our advantage by opening doors and nurturing future collaboration with Chalmers,’ said Fredrik Afzelius.
Future chalmerists from USA and China, who have applied for one of these two Master’s Programmes, are welcome to apply for the scholarship. Applicants from USA should have good Spanish. This is not required for the education itself, but is a requirement expressed by Mölnlycke Health Care.

Finances all tuition fees
Taking a Master’s Degree at Chalmers normally costs students from abroad SEK 280 000. The Mölnlycke Heath Care scholarship finances these tuition fees in total.
Further, the company is investing time and resources in maintaining contact with scholarship students during their time at Chalmers and expect to be able to offer them both trainee posts and master thesis work.
A specially appointed mentor from Mölnlycke Health Care will follow the progress of the scholarship students during their entire education.
”Of course, we gain operative use from the thesis works written by the scholarship students, because these will be based on one of our research projects, and therefore are of added value to our company. And because the scholarship students come from other countries, we gain from their particular view of the world, this usually being a refreshing and instructive experience. If we’re really lucky we might get a bonus at the end of this process by way of two quality assured recruits, and thus reinforce our own pool of talent,” said Fredrik Afzelius.

Gratifying collaboration
Peter Lindwall, fundraiser at Chalmers, is enthusiastic about the new scholarships:
”It is very gratifying that Mölnlycke Health Care have chosen to collaborate with us and strengthen the international Chalmers environment on campus. It increases interest in our education from abroad and in the Göteborg region as a whole, when we collaborate with such renowned partners and potential employers for our international students,” said Peter Lindwall.

”This will benefit Mölnlycke Heatlh Care, Chalmers and the students”
Mölnlycke Health Care is a world-leading manufacture of disposable products for surgery and wounds treatment, and provides service solutions for the professional health care sector. The company has 6 700 employees with 23 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, two in North America and five in the Asia/Pacific region.
The company has production plants in Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, USA, France, Malaysia, Thailand and United Kingdom.
”As a leading player in the health care sector we are strongly committed to future innovation and  long-term policy in terms of our social responsibility. We have chosen to invest in scholarships for Chalmers because we are convinced this will benefit ourselves, Chalmers and the students,” said Fredrik Afzelius.

Photo: Mölnlycke Health Care

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