Philosopher opens The Reflecting Engineer lectures

For the third year in a row Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS) and Engineers without borders bring you ”The Reflecting Engineer”.
The lecture series opens on April 17 with the well-known Bengt Brülde (picture above), Professor of Practical Philosophy at University of Gothenburg.
The Reflecting Engineer gives students the opportunity to mingle with inspirational professionals to discuss and reflect upon questions related to technology, sustainability and ethics.
Lunch will be provided for the first 100 guests at each lecture.

This year’s sessions will include:
April 17, at 12, lecture hall HA1, Hörsalsvägen, Campus Johanneberg: Bengt Brülde, Professor of Practical Philosophy and expert in aesthetics, ethics and philosophy of science.

April 19, at 12, lecture hall HA1, Hörsalsvägen, Campus Johanneberg: Simon Eisner, the entrepreneur behind Allwin, a company whose business is to reduce food waste and help feed those in need.

April 26: Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability officer at Max Hamburger Restaurants, that has turned sustainability into their business core.

April 29: Tomas Kåberger, the Swedish Boss in Asia, the man Japan brought in to turn around their energy system.

Photo: Mattias Jacobsson, University of Gothenburg

Join The Reflecting Engineers in finding out what is our role as engineers in society and how we contribute to a better world!

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