New student writer in the blog

Chalmeristbloggen is proud to announce our very first student ambassador blogger!
Alex Albu, an international student from the master’s program Interaction Design and Technology, will start writing about his life at Chalmers and in Gothenburg.
We took the opportunity to ask Alex a few questions to get our faithful readers to know him a bit better. Alex presents himself as ”Storyteller, WordPress Enthusiast, Interaction Design Student, Geek Scout, Foodie. I also have a real life.”

Welcome to the blog, Alex! How do you do?
– I’m fine, thank you. Happy to be on board!

Please introduce yourself! Age, country, interests, programme at Chalmers…
– I am 26, coming from Romania, I am interested in ”all things web”, particularly in start-ups, WordPress, Drupal, and Social Media. I am enrolled in the Interaction Design and Technologies masters programme at Chalmers.

Why did you chose to study at Chalmers?
– I chose to study at Chalmers because it is a prestigious university and because I knew the IxD programme provides the cross-domain education I was looking for.

What do you think so far?
– So far I am extremely satisfied with the programme, Chalmers and Gothenburg.

What are your future plans?
– Graduate and continue to grow my company.

What can the readers expect from you?
– I like writing about geeky stuff or in some way tech-related, but I also enjoy sightseeing and exploring my environment so you might read posts about a museum I visited, an exhibition, or an event I believe would be relevant for students to know about.
– I do plan a blog post this week (Sunday or Monday) about the International Space Apps Challenge launched by NASA ( that will take place this weekend in Lindholmen.

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  1. onkelzekeSvante Bergö

    Welcome to the blog, Alex! I just want to inform you that I have visited Romania several times and I have many memories from there. One very special is from a conference in Braila when we hade a big party on a small island in Donau, grilling whole pork and consuming ”some” wine. A non-memory from there is that I allegedly declaimed Latin poetry standing on a wooden stump. That was probably fun. Looking forward to meeting you, Alex!

    • Alex Albu

      Thank you for the warm welcome. From what I can tell you experienced Romanian hospitality at its finest. I’m really happy to hear that 🙂