Big chalmerist meeting in USA

All chalmerists living in the USA are invited to a big alumni meeting in Washington 23rd – 26th of May.
The event is put on by CING, US Friends of Chalmers, and Chalmers together with the Swedish Embassy. The event spans a program crammed with talks, engineering and socialising.
‘We expect a total 75 delegates,’ said Urban Ziegler, vice president of the CING USA-Canada division.
The alumni meeting is put on at the same time as the association’s annual meeting. This is a traditional gathering for chalmerists in USA and Canada, going back to the early 1950s. The meeting coincides with Memorial Day, the big USA public holiday.
‘We kick-off the annual meeting with a classic Club Emil evening – Swedish pea soup and pancakes,’ Urban Ziegler tells us, who is looking forward to having a memorable time.

Talks on the energy for the future
Friday the 24th of May is spent mostly at the House of Sweden, designed by Chalmers educated architect Gert Wingårdh, and which also houses the Swedish Embassy. The day features talks on the theme “Energy for the future”.
Delegates from Chalmers are president and CEO Karin Markides, professor Tomas Kåberger, CRO Anders Wennberg and alumni coordinator Peter Hellqvist.
Presentations will be delivered by Markides, Kåberger and representatives from trade and industry. There will be a panel debate with Kåberger, Sarah Ladislaw, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Doug Arent of the US energy department, Tony Greszler, Volvo Group Technology and Samuel S Di Renzo, Renewable Energy.
Other participants include Bo Hedfors, chairman of US Friends of Chalmers, Rolf Höijer and Ola Göransson from the Swedish Embassy, Washington.

Guided tours
During this busy weekend, delegates can look forward to guided tours of the House of Sweden and the Capitol congress building and a good opportunity to see and experience the American capital.
‘We only had a few visitor passes for the congress building and these went quickly. But the association’s Arne Dunhem managed to conjure up a few more. And as a back-up, several passes for the 27th of May when there will be an opportunity for our guests to see the building on the inside,’ Urban Ziegler said.

Study visit and gasque
A study visit to the Stella Group, a company that works with alternative energy, is planned for the 25th of May. Another high spot will be the evening gasque, held strictly according to Chalmers traditions.
‘We are now discussing the menu with a catering company,‘ Urban Ziegler said, ‘and this is beginning to shape up nicely.’

Text: Michael Nystås
Illustration: A glint in the eye of Åke Hellman, chairman of CING USA-Canada division – the Capitol decorated with a Chalmers cap!

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Download the program for Energy for the future [pdf, 174kb]