Sharp chalmerists brainstormed sustainable house

Chalmerists Chadalavada Ravi Teja, Magda Collado, Anna Larsson and Thomman Thomas Nellimoottil won the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) student competition, recently judged at Chalmers.
Now, their team “Enjoyneers” is off to the regional finals in Lund 8th-11th of May, to compete with the best teams from six Nordic universities of technology.
‘Actually, it’s not really possible to prepare for the final, because we get no previous information about the competition subject. All we can do is go there with the same positive attitude we have maintained so far. It will be a tough challenge, but we intend to do our very best,’ Magda Collado said.

Powerful student network
EBEC is a competition arranged by the student organisation Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), a powerful network of engineering students operating at over 90 universities across Europe.
Iuliia Kosulko is vice president of BEST in Göteborg and the person holding the competition strings together with project manager Mats Lindström, who is studying applied physics. One afternoon 40 students in 10 separate teams competed for tickets to the regional finals in Lund. Hunched before their computers and drawing pads in the Chalmers students union, their high speed brains hummed almost audibly.
‘It’s important to understand the case, be able to work in a team and be good at presentation technique. Apart from formulae and tables an engineer needs to understand and analyse the problem and convince the audience of the validity of the concept,’ Iuliia Kosulko said.

More sustainable offices
The chalmerist challenge was to come up with a solution as to how the head offices of engineering consulting company COWI could be made more sustainable and attain a higher environmental certification grading in the long term perspective. COWI is an active partner in this competition. Jonas Klarén (E97), electrical and automation manager, and environmental consultant Johanna Millander (V11) were present in the student union building.
‘It’s a nice way to encourage students and a good way to make our presence known at Chalmers. We have been at the CHARM labour market fair for many years and are interested in recruiting new staff. We have a generation change underway at present,’ Jonas Klarén said.
COWI’s approximately 1 000 employees are divided among 14 offices in Sweden. Half of them work at HQ in Göteborg.
‘Chalmers is important to us. Our employees come from just about all the university’s educational programs,’ Jonas Klarén told us.
He draws similarities between this competition and the Idol talent program:
‘You have three minutes and you need to be the best,’ Jonas Klarén said.

Combines creativity and knowledge
Magda Collado’s team “Enjoyneers” won the Chalmers competition leg. She sees EBEC as a fun and rewarding opportunity to combine creativity and knowledge while putting people’s ability to work as a team to the test.
‘The strength of our team lies in friendship and our different experience. Members come from such widely varied master’s programs as Architecture, Mechatronics, Sustainable Energy Systems and Industrial Ecology,’ Magda Collado said.
She’s happy and proud of their victory, which came as a total surprise:
‘It was a tough challenge, the other teams had very good suggestions. We noticed that the building per se had a pretty good design, but was not being used as efficiently as it could have been. Our idea was to create a building with which personnel could integrate, on the theme “orange is the new green”,’ Magda said.
Victory was celebrated with carrot cake, billiards and fun YouTube clips from the competition prizes – factory new Ipads for each member.

Intense planning and preparing
Mats Lindström is project manager at BEST and had worked intensively with planning and preparing EBEC with all manner of things such as printed name tags to contacting sponsors:
‘There are lots of things I’d never realised took such a long time. I was apprehensive about calling companies for support and initially I was extremely nervous,’ he told us.
But he gained confidence quickly when he received a positive response from COWI almost straight away.

Regional finals in Lund May 8-11
The Chalmers competition jury was manned by Johanna Millander, Iuliia Kosulko and MariAnne Karlsson, professor of Human factors engineering – The winning team, “Enjoyneers” comprised Chadalavada Ravi Teja, Thomman Thomas Nellimoottil, Magda Collado and Anna Larsson. The prize was an Ipad for everyone and a place in the regional finals in Lund 8th – 11th May.
They will be competing against teams from Lund University, the Technical University of Denmark, Aalto University of Finland, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. The team that wins in Lund will compete at the European finals in Warsaw, Poland  1s t- 9th of August.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås
Winner photo: BEST Gothenburg

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