Time for departure to China for Halo

China, here we come!
After 18 months intensive work it is finally time for the chalmerists to take Halo, their solar energy powered house, to China.
On the 29th of April the final nail was driven into the house, which is now being dismantled and packed in containers for its ocean voyage to Datong in mid-May.
‘It’s fantastic to see how the students are putting body and soul into this project,’ said project manager Malin Kjellberg.
One chilly afternoon just before Walpurgis Night, Chalmers Solar Decathlon-team Halo Sweden put on a mingle event in the building project tent on Campus Johanneberg. Canapés and guided tours of the finished competition entry for the international student competition Solar Decathlon were on the program.

Mats Viberg: Now we’re changing up a gear!
Chalmers first vice president Mats Viberg was present on site.
‘We have learnt a lot from Formula Student. But now we’re changing up a gear. You can park a good many formula cars in this house,’ he said during his brief welcome speech.
Viberg took this opportunity to thank the sponsors:
‘Without you this would not have been possible’ he said.
To wild applause from the public, and along with student Josua Smedberg, he then hammered a symbolic nail into the house wall to mark the finalising of the building project.
‘I haven’t hammered in a nail since I put up my dissertation,’ he quipped.

Many aspects to consider
The project is so big that students have their own project manager for the practical building work; Shea Hagy. Malin Kjellberg has acted as university project manager for Halo Sweden since January.
‘There have been many aspects to consider, and there is still a lot to learn, because this is the first time Chalmers has participated in a Solar Decathlon. It is important to learn from our experiences in this project and see how these can be implemented in our education courses,’ Malin Kjellberg said.
The Halo project lies close to her heart and she is very pleased over the intense interest exhibited by the students – this bodes well for the future, she says.
‘The students get a chance to combine everything they have learnt during their first year at Chalmers. It’s fantastic to watch them put so much soul into this project. They are ambitious and always finish what they begin. It will be very exciting to see how they perform in China,’ Malin Kjellberg said.

Electric bicycle equipped with camera will document on site
In the throng we found Sven Hagnell, marketing manager for Gaze-Bike, a company selling electric bicycles and now sponsoring Halo Sweden with a bicycle.
‘This is especially piquant considering our bikes are made in China. We brought one back to Göteborg, smartened it up and are sending it over together with the house,’ Sven Hagnell said.
Once in China the intention is for the bicycle to be fitted with a camera and show pictures on the Internet.

Going along to Datong
V-technologists Linus Appelgren and Henrik Erlandsson took the opportunity to test ride the electric bicyle. Both are taking the Structural Engineering and Building technology masters’ program, and are two of the chalmerists going along to Datong.
‘This is very exciting. There are still many challenges ahead, but I think we have come a long way,’ Henrik Erlandsson said.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Malin Kjellberg, project manager, +4631-772 1376, malin.kjellberg@chalmers.se
Josua Smedberg, project coordinator and student builder, Team Sweden, +4673-929 8191, josua@halosweden.com

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