Andreas Svenungsson and CBI in new project

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Center for Business Innovation (CBI) at Chalmers is now starting a project to study innovative ability and scalability in businesses with digital business models – that is, businesses that use the Internet as a basis for earning money. Andreas Svenungsson, who previously worked as head of communications in the Nordic countries for Google which is among the companies in this project, joins CBI.

Hi, Andreas! What will you be working on at Chalmers?
– I’ll be working at CBI where I together with Sofia Börjesson and Joakim Björkdahl, will start a project to study successful businesses with digital business models. We want to explore how they create a strong innovation ability and growth. Initially we’ll study Google, but more companies will be added. The study will be conducted part-time over several months, and I hope to continue with research – as a PhD student – after that as well.

What are you most looking forward to in starting your work here?
– I’ve had the benefit of working together with people from Chalmers on different projects and committees over the years, and I have  a positive picture of Chalmers from them as well as from friends and colleagues who studied and conducted research at Chalmers. And also, Chalmers is unbelievably important for Gothenburg’s and Sweden’s competitiveness, and it has a good reputation internationally. Being part of that when working with CBI and contributing to producing new knowledge is something I think is incredibly exciting.

Why CBI, specifically?
– CBI conducts interesting and relevant research and has a good reputation in academia and the business community, as well as among innovation agencies. Until now I haven’t had that much time to deeply reflect upon the innovation activities I have been working with so I’m looking forward to be able to more thoroughly think about how and why innovation arises in different companies. I also appreciate the close collaboration CBI has with the business community.

What have you previously worked on?
– I’ve worked on innovation issued, marketing and communications in different companies over the past 10-15 years, including at Google and Volvo. Now I run my own consultancy in innovation, management, marketing and communications, and I also invest and sit on the boards of smaller companies.

Briefly, what about you – who is Andreas Svenungsson?
– I’m 38 and am originally from Borås. Currently I live in Linnéstaden with my wife Linda and two children. Victor is 3 ½ years old and Selma is 8 months. Besides being with family and friends, I like sports and music. I played football in Elfsborg once upon a time, but now I go in for running, cross-training, golf and squash. We also spend a great deal of time at our summer place in Mollösund.


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