More non-european students to Chalmers

The number of non-european international students at Chalmers University of Technology is growing.
150 students from countries outside the EU and EEA have paid tuition fees for the start of the 2013 autumn semester, which is 21 more students than last year.
A bit over 2,000 students have been admitted to the university’s master’s programmes. Among them, around half were already Chalmers students, and the other half are new to the university.

The group of new master’s student can be divided into three groups: 486 students exempted from tuition fee, mainly from Europe and Sweden, 150 paying students from outside the EU and EEA, and foreign exchange students. Among the 150 tuition fee paying students, 64 have financed their education on their own. The rest have received scholarships that cover parts or the entire tuition fee. Most paying students come from India or China.

How many that eventually will begin their two-year master studies becomes clear when registration closes in a few weeks time. Among Chalmers 41 master’s programs Automotive Engineering and Computer Systems and Networks are the ones with most applications.
In addition, 414 foreign exchange students have been enrolled at Chalmers via exchange agreements such as Erasmus. The students will study at Chalmers for one or two semesters. The majority of the exchange students come from France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“I am incredibly pleased about the interest to study here at Chalmers, not the least among international students. They may not understand themselves how important they are for the quality of the education as a whole at Chalmers. They bring their own perspectives and contribute to every discussion with their thoughts,” said Maria Knutson Wedel, vice president at Chalmers.

This week is the so called ”Welcome Week” for international students at Chalmers.

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Text: Carolina Eek-Jaworski and Christian Borg, , translation to English: Linda Genborg,, and Christian Borg
Photo: Cecilia Hillman