International students welcomed by the president

Hundreds of new international Master’s and exchange students were welcomed to Chalmers on August 28 in the student union building.
Mr Gustavo Perrusquia, Chalmers coordinator for internationalization, gave them a lesson in openness:
– Whenever you meet our president on campus or in the city you can very easily and freely address her as Karin – not Mrs President or Doctor or Professor. When we talk to each other we are addressed by our first names, he said.
Welcome Week was going on all last week at Chalmers, and on Wednesday it was time for the big Welcome Day. All new international Master’s and exchange students gathered in the lecture hall RunAn in the student union building where they got to meet Chalmers President Karin Markides, the president of the student union, Ms Johanna Svensson, and many more.

Speech from the President
The president of Chalmers held a short speech in which she encouraged the new students to contact her in case they had ideas they wanted to share to the benefit of the university:
– I hope that you will tell me if you think something is not working or if you have ideas that you want to bring up to me so I can really put it in effect. I hope that you will enjoy the openness of our university and that you will contribute to make it even better
She also told them about the vision of the university – for a sustainable future:
– Here at Chalmers we are really providing opportunities for the students to take on and drive and build these possibilities. You are the strongest part of this, the president said.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Cecilia Hillman

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