New student writer in the blog

Chalmeristbloggen is proud to announce a brand new student ambassador blogger!
Raghavendra Selvan, an international student from the master’s program Communication Engineering, will start writing about his life at Chalmers and in Gothenburg this very weekend.
We took the opportunity to ask Raghav a few questions to get our faithful readers to know him a bit better. Raghav presents himself as ”a lucky chunk of hydrogen cloud.” He is also a talented poet, he tells us:
– Yes, I get into that mode on and off. Of course, Chalmers and Sweden as a whole will for sure inspire me to write some poems, Raghav says.

To start with you can read some of his beautiful poems in his personal blog

Well, welcome to the blog, Raghav! How do you do?
– Surpassing all my skepticism of moving to a new country in the far north from my tropical homeland India, I could not have felt more homely than I am currently feeling in Gothenburg. I am bubbling with experiences, and of course excited to be here, and more so to be blogging for Chalmers.

Please introduce yourself!
– The passport states my name is Raghavendra Selvan, and do feel free to call me ”Raghav” or ”Raghu” (heard raghu-sounding word is also a name for a European dish!). I’m 26 years old, but the motto will be the line from Bryan Adams – ”18 till I die”.
– I love to travel, read and write. Occasionally I do click few decent pictures. I am a Free and Open Source enthusiast, and with credible work in the FOSS world from India. I’m a columnist for the Indian newspaper daily – The Hindu. Have worked as a Networking engineer and have two years teaching experience in an engineering college in Bangalore. Academically, I am pursuing my Masters in Communication Engineering to cater to my interest for Math and Physics.

Why did you chose to study at Chalmers?
– The reputation of the Signals and Systems department at Chalmers, the interaction with them in India over few events and the eventual scholarship from the Swedish Institute made it ideal of a case for me to come to Chalmers.

What do you think so far?
– I am swelling with lot of positive experiences and nuanced observations. I shall hold it up all for the posts I shall be writing!

What are your future plans?
– Long term I want to be a researcher cum academician. I am looking at research prospects. For now, I want to focus on all the rich opportunities I have at hand and make the best of them.

What can the blog readers expect from you?
– I tend to be verbose, at times. That said, it will not interfere in you reading my spectrum of experiences ranging from food to campus,from travel to technology. Maybe I will repeat some common observations from others, but the perception will be different. Also, be surprised with the subtleties I might end up writing about.

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