Kicking off, from the Kick-off

Hej, Salaam and Namaste,

Looks like I have a special event to talk about as I take off on this journey scaffolded with words and pictures, experiences and anecdotes, comments and discussions.

So, it begins with three bands performing, thousands of students partying and the sun peeking through the dark clouds, late in the evening.

I am talking about the three bands who played at the Kick-Off party yesterday. The first band was singing soulful acoustic numbers and not many in the crowd took notice of them, although the band was performing wonderfully. The second band performed heavily loaded, powerful rock, and got the crowd up on their feet. The third one, I did not wait to witness : An impending assignment was looming all over me and had to skip it.

The Kick-Off party was organised by the Gothenburg City Municipality, as a welcome gesture to all the new students from EU and across the globe, now studying both at Chalmers and Gothenburg University.

The first two bands performing at the Kick-Off

The first two bands performing at the Kick-Off

The first few minutes into this massive party, I was feeling pretty much like the first band, unnoticed in a large crowd. My acquaintances in Gothenburg were all busy at work, and the ones from India here were unavailable, and I dropped into the party starting alone. Nonetheless, I was feeling contended about making it to my first party in Gothenburg. The purpose of yesterday’s kick-off was to mingle and know newer people, and I set out on getting conversations started, and that did go on well – my contacts book did find new names and numbers.

Before some of you have started speculating about me being a novice in parties, I will admit to it, and relieve you of the additional effort of speculating about it.

Couple of reasons: Bangalore, the city I come from is not completely bereaved of parties, we do have them, but of course not at the scale as in the West (of India). Further, I grew up without the influence of the partying culture.

Secondly, I certainly have two left feet, and I can barely navigate through a crowd without bumping into people, and if I do get to dancing, it might be a colossal fiasco! That does not mean I won’t try. I will, even if my neighbours on the dance floor have to bear some extra pain when I might stamp their feet 😉

The dance floor

The dance floor

The benefits of parties as I have been told, apart from them being exhaust-mechanisms, is that they do provide the platform to make new acquaintances, and make friends out of your acquaintances. Although I seem to have a practical difficulty in shouting at the top of my voice to make myself heard when conversing with people in parties.

My first post for the Chalmersits’ blog coincidentally happens to about my first party in Gothenburg. I might not write all that frequently about parties, but when I do, you can see that I have gotten a hang over it. I said hang over, and not hangover 😉



  1. Abhi

    You had me smiling at the end of the post! Thanks Raghu! Looking forward to the next post!
    Meanwhile, I have a question for you. Do you think it is easy for you as student from India to adjust to your new lifestyle? has the new environment affected you in anyway – positive or negative?

    • Raghav

      Thanks Abhi.
      About your question: I have had a positive experience, all the way into my fourth week here. Having said that, of course it is not that there is a continuum of lifestyle from Bangalore to Gothenburg. But, many many aspects are so much like what I have experienced before. There are differences of course, but those are not very pronounced, and certainly act as no hindrances at all.
      It takes a conscious effort on my part to realise that I am away from home, in a foreign country. Again I might be an extremity. Even for the moderates it shouldn’t be a problem to align to the lifestyle here.