The CIRC Finale!

The Chalmers International Reception Committee, or lovingly called CIRC who have been interfacing us – the international students for the last four months with Chalmers and the city of Gothenburg, ever since we got admitted to Chalmers have called curtains for their grand reception.

Saddened I might be, like most other international students, but the fun and information CIRC has drenched us with will help us through our tenure, not only at Chalmers, but will help us through our stay in Sweden.

Wearing the blue-with-yellow-spots CIRC attire, this regiment of seven-sized Spartan army constantly bubbling with unceasing enthusiasm aptly depicted the spirit of Sweden to us foreign students. Through the many mails and the various event schedules that were sent to us, this committee seemed a humongous one. I was quite shocked to see it was only seven of them putting up the entire show!

The east wing of CIRC at the finale;)

The east wing of CIRC at the finale;)

The best part about all CIRC events has been the rapport that got installed within one’s phadder group. These groups are the first team any international student becomes part of at Chalmers, and with the acumen of second year students who act as ‘phadders’, these are the quickest and best opportunity for us to make new friends.

I missed a couple of CIRC events, nonetheless I have no doubts the spirit of all CIRC events were with the same vigor. While other events organised by CIRC have been covered throughout, like the most recent Sauna party, the tram race, the pub crawls and the umpteen number of partying opportunities, I will quickly talk about their finale for this term at Gasquen – the student run pub inside Chalmers.

The party

I still haven’t picked up the unspoken rule that you need not arrive on-time to parties 😉

Reaching half an hour late to a 9 PM party, I was surprised to see only handful students and an empty bar counter. This did give me an oppurtunity to glance through the awesome poster work by CIRC. Here’s a picture from on the walls of the dance floor.

The multiculturalism well represented on the dance floor

Multiculturalism, well represented on the dance floor

A benefit of being in a student party is you get to know more people. And sometimes, also know yourself better. For instance, I briefly met an Italian and introduced myself as “Raghu” (I am never called Raghavendra, even in India), his face lightened up and was quick to give me a description that “Ragu” is an Italian meat based sauce for pasta, that supposedly tastes divine! Being the foodie that I am, I was of course pleased with this revelation. No wonder the Europeans find it easier and more connecting to address me “Raghu”.

Talking to an American friend from my phadder group over a beer, we were discussing atheism and how the values of people can be so conforming irrespective of our cultures, or from which corner of the world we come from.  The rationale of logic can keep us bound into a special camaraderie.

The music was obscuring and loud, nonetheless the beats got people thumping and the dance floor was soon full to the brim. After catching up with the CIRC team and discussing some of the work they’ve been doing, I must admit I left the party early – just after midnight. To my surprise, a sizeable crowd was still waiting to gain access into the pub, in the coldness of Swedish fall.

CIRC has been one of the best teams at Chalmers, at least to us international students. I might not get into CIRC, but will be a phadder for certain next year.

Lot of love and gratitude to the volunteers of CIRC, and all the phadders!

Partying with CIRC

Partying with CIRC