Alternate shopping in Gothenburg

Visiting shopping centres might not be the best possible way to understand a new place you are in. Nonetheless, these centres too reveal certain aspects of the culture like food, clothing and the aesthetics of the population.

Saying that, let me also clarify that shopping malls which usually are the same across the globe do not give any extra insight into the lives of people at all. Local shopping centres are the ones I’ve been keen about.

The city of Gothenburg, being the tourist attraction that it is has no lack of shopping places. The conventional malls like in Nordstan are not the places that grab my attention. In this post, I take you through some interesting places to shop in Gothenburg.


More than the crowded centres in the City Central, I prefer this gorgeous street close to Chalmers.

Avenyn is not a mere shopping place, it has the Gothenburg flavor to it.  There is the Gothenburg Concert hall at its head, couple of cinema halls, an art museum and an entire street running down with all possible shops. Of course, more than anything the tall Poseidon statue that is the signature of Avenyn.

Avenyn: A view from its tip

Avenyn: A view from its tip

The Gothenburg Museum has a museum store, with a good collection of art related books, posters and paintings for sale. The Gothenburg concert hall has regular performances – I am yet to witness one, but will soon do.

Two of the stores, that cater best to my interest are my favourite here. The book store, Akademibokhandeln has one of its bigger centres on Avenyn. And the “Earphones Store”, who sells high quality audio gadgets, with options to try out most of them.

There are many restaurants, with roadside tables, a trend that seems common in Gothenburg and maybe across Europe.

A stroll in Avenyn, on an eventful day like the previous Saturday will be worth the while;  it was something like Avenyn Day – special shopping offers and fun activities were arranged on the street from 12.00 to 16.00

Bagage Loppis

I had heard about flea markets in Europe, and was not sure if Gothenburg had it too. In one of my previous post, I had called Slottskogen as my backyard, and during a stroll out to Slottskogen we entered a crowded playground, that is part of Slottskogen, with caravans and cars with wagons putting out about hundred make-shift shops.

People, presumably from different cities drop into this flea market that happens during the summer in Slottskogen. People sell out many used items, ranging from clothes to footwear, books, music records and surprisingly many collectors items. A wonderful place to be if you want to buy some useful and affordable items.

It happens over a few weekends, and the schedule usually is updated on their website. Incidentally, the last for this year happened yesterday.

One of the stores in the Baggage Loppis

One of the stores in the Baggage Loppis

Bellueve Marknand

This is another market in Belleuve, a bit into sub-urban Gothenburg, and as a result you get to see another side of the city. One substantial difference between the loppis at Slottskogen and this one is the vendor crowd itself. Here, it looks like many migrants are the ones who run the show. So, it looks more vibrant and has a greater variety when buying items. Affordable electronics, winter wear, art work are available here. A visit to this place might be useful to students, not only for purchasing but to witness what I call alternate Gothenburg, which truly depicts the multiculturalism that Sweden is known for. Know when they’re open by keeping a check on their website

Inside the Bellueve Marknand, quite a different place

Inside the Bellueve Marknand, quite a different place

These are the few places I have explored apart from the common places like Brunnsparken, Nordstan and around Liseberg. Will dedicate a post entirely to food hangouts soon 😉