Withering out my weather views!

I give up!

For all my life when I have associated the Sun to be the source of warmth and the notion that when it is sunny, I won’t at least be shivering has all been mowed down, slowly and steadily with a climactic, climatic performance by nature today.

I woke up a bit late, around 8 in the morning and my weather widget had “1 C” as the temperature notification. I look out of the window and I see it was a sunny morning, clear skies after yesterday’s day long drizzle. I thought some error in the application, or that it was showing me the weather for some other GPS coordinates.

2013-10-18 08.33.44

Just yesterday I was contemplating about the impeccable synchronisation of the leaves drying, heavy winds shedding them off the branches and the light drizzle that washes them off– a perfect orchestration by nature to help trees prepare for the approaching winter. Witnessing fall in pictures is so inadequate, one must experience the gradual process that it is.

Otherwise, it has been a bit gloomy last few days and I was getting accustomed to the lack of direct Sun. The sudden presence of bright Sun in clear blue skies today came as a welcome surprise of course.

I got ready and reluctantly put on my jacket, more so to counter the chill of late evenings. When I stepped out of my apartment building it was indeed bright and sunny, and I also felt a chill – thought it was a passing cool breeze. And for my counterparts from tropical weather, one other notion I am by now used to is that even though the Sun is out, if you are in building shadows or under trees the warmth of the Sun will be sparse on you. The air does not get warm and hence you will see many people soaking in the Sun.

I continue walking, hopping the small puddles remaining on the road from yesterday’s rain and I slowly realise that it was a trap – although the Sun was out, and the skies were clear, it really was 1 degree celsius! I realise this quickest when my palm (today without gloves) start feeling numb 😉 I dig my hands into my jacket pocket, trying to contemplate this impossibility!

Yes, you must allow me to brand this as an impossibility, because it is hard for someone who has lived all his life in a tropical country like India to experience 1 degree celsius when the Sun is very much out there. I am not complaining about the cold that I was feeling, but the entire experience of lifetime that was witnessing a perfect contradiction. It has been colder than it would be in India when the Sun was out here in Sweden, like about 10 degree celsius – that’s quite okay to fathom, but it certainly is unfathomable when the temperature is tipping to the freezing point of water (if it does reach zero anytime soon, it will be my first time experiencing that temperature beyond the freezer in my refrigerator in Bangalore!).

Just to clarify, I am not whining about the cold at all, but in awe of the paradox of it being so cold, when it is so sunny! Having said that, I do realise even this is a way in which one’s thinking expands – consequences of living abroad.

Of the two pictures, the one that is bleached is because I was not able to look into my screen (as it was bright) and shaky because my hand was growing numb in cold!

2013-10-18 09.42.01

2013-10-18 09.43.09

Clear blue skies, Sun is out but was cold!