This is Ben – our new student blogger

Chalmeristbloggen is proud to announce a new student ambassador blogger!
Ben Owilli will team up with Raghavendra Selvan and will start blogging this upcoming weekend.
Ben is studying Structural Engineering and Building Technology and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions to introduce him to our faithful readers.

Welcome to the blog, Ben! How do you do?
– Am enjoying the University. Its quite interesting and I can say that coming to Chalmers and Sweden as a whole has changed me a lot. The way I view the world, reason and think has completely changed, Ben says.

Please introduce yourself! Age, country, interests, program at Chalmers.
– I am 28 years Old from Uganda. I like adventure, sports, writing and reading, meeting new people and of course not forgetting my course. I am studying Masters in Structural Engineering and Building Technology.

Why did you chose to study at Chalmers?
– It wasn’t easy to get the future I wanted from my home country, I believe it needed some effort beyond home or an upgrade of what I learnt from Uganda. I chose Sweden and particularly Chalmers because of a number of reasons with a few highlighted below; First of all Chalmers and Sweden as a whole has various numerous quality educational schemes and courses. It wasn’t an easy tasks given that Chalmers and Sweden had a lot of my dream causes that appeared beneficial for both my current and future life but thank God I finally made it to this.
– Chalmers also has a lot of continues research projects; a tending development for innovations derived from the whole Swedish Culture  and this makes it among the top countries in the world that invests in research and innovation.
– Chalmers also works in collaborations with many international Companies with some of the research projects done together. Eg. ABB, Volvo, COWI, SKANSKA among others. They also have well and experienced lecturers making a student to gain both theoretical and practical experience concurrently. A student who therefore completes his or her studies from Chalmers and Sweden in general should fully be well assured of his or her bright future.

What do you think so far?
– I feel happy and I believe I made the right independent choice for myself to come here.

What are your future plans?
– After acquiring my University Skills, I would like to get a challenging position in an organization that is ready to foster practical developmental projects to the society.

What can the blog readers expect from you?
– The readers should expect explicit inspiring and developmental issues on Social life, Cultures, future and general academic developments.

Ben Owilli’s studies at Chalmers has been made possible by a Swedish Institute study Scholarship ticket.

Chalmeristbloggen is looking forward to reading Ben’s blog posts!

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Private