The Chalmers I didn’t know

Ben Owilli

Thank you Michael for last week’s fantastic interview. I always had a dream of studying abroad and continuously believed in myself.I knew I would view the world from a different perspective and keep meeting amazing people like you and beyond that endlessly change my life. Chalmers choice didn’t come with any pain, it wasn’t any difficult task and I believe I made the right direction for my international Master’s Studies. However back on my mind I knew I must prepare myself ready to face and pay the price for a new educational system thought to be among the best in Europe.

I faithfully believed that this would change and broaden my life with different new systems that range from meeting new people, sharing and getting knowledge, adventures and learning new Cultures, put aside having confident and learning how to provide solutions to the world problems from an international point of view.

I would say it’s really a wonderful new experience, thanks to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship that gave me this opportunity. My two months stay here has been extremely exciting, with excursions, meeting new friends, trying to connect back home to loved ones with extreme skyping, mails and face-booking during free hours millions of miles away. It has been a different academic involvement with team teaching style of lectures that encompass Academicians, Researchers, students, field experts and Fika incubation periods making me love this. Of course it has always been known that not all students learn at the same rate but having this kind of elegance give me something to say.

The weekends are full of interesting relaxation programs organized by different student groups, sports and all sorts of packages that you can choose from. As the sky appears to be at its limit, this chapter is almost waning off with autumn around the corner and winter just at our door steps, winter topic is the order of the day and I have rekindled my faith by filling my room with Jackets, it’s like I am preparing to go to the moon, coming from a country with no winter, my experience in this weather will be a topic for another day.

The firsts cycle exams has just been barely a week ago which is not only at Chalmers but the first of its kind entirely abroad however knowing how the future we want isn’t always laid at our door steps and how stressful this times are at University campuses even at the best of our stages when lecturers put us down on our knees to prepare us ready to face our future. Discussions with my colleagues and swinging between library and classes trying to comb class data to ensure nothing slips by were my order of these days. No matter how well you have utilized your time, you still have to cross this finishing line and I believe the performance doesn’t entirely depend on how you have handle it but on the different lecturing methods and knowledge delivery modes.

How professors employ different lecturing techniques here in handling classes and motivate students, making them acquire general desire to achieve, breeding innovation, self-confidence and self-esteem makes me really have less worry for my exams and assignments.For the moment let me focus ahead and get to you later, the future appears wide.bye.


Posts; by Owilli Ben O, Private photography: by Sahana Prassana, Campus Photo: by Jan-Olof Yxell,