Divia – new student blogger: Chalmers was simply the best choice for me

Chalmeristbloggen is proud to present our third student ambassador blogger this autumn.
Divia Jimenez is studying Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering and came to Chalmers from the Dominican Republic.
She will start blogging already the upcoming weekend.
We took the opportunity ask Divia a few questions to get our readers to know her a bit better.

Welcome to the blog, Divia! How do you do?
– Hello! I’m feeling great, for many reasons. First of all, my first exam week at Chalmers has passed, which makes me satisfied. I’m also excited and honored about being a student ambassador blogger along with two amazing writers, Raghu and Ben.

Please introduce yourself! Age, country, interests, programme at Chalmers.
– I’m 24 years old and come from an island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. One of the things I enjoy the most is listening to music. I also like to read, visit new places, meet new people and learn new things; most of it boils down to experiencing new things about the world. The program I’m currently studying is the Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering master degree.

Why did you choose to study at Chalmers?
– It was all an event of fate. I had been looking for a master program that fit my educational expectations, but hadn’t found it in other countries. Considering my long-time fascination with Swedish culture and society, it became clear that I should also be looking in Swedish universities for the correct degree. I didn’t have to spend much time looking; the master appeared almost right away, and from that point on I was convinced that this was what I wanted. During my investigation I became more familiarized with Chalmers, its focus in sustainability, passion for research and innovation, and excellent relations to industry. It was simply the best choice for me, in all regards.

What do you think so far?
– I’m positively surprised every day, even after having spent many nights researching about Gothenburg and Chalmers before coming. Chalmers, with its staff and student organizations, really goes a long way into guaranteeing a good experience and educational outcome for students.

What are your future plans?
– After completing my degree, I expect it will become clearer whether I want to continue studying or enter the work force. Whatever I decide in the future, I’m sure Chalmers’ education will open many doors.

What can the blog readers expect from you?
– You can expect documented experiences about life in Gothenburg and Chalmers, and my personal insight into this journey.

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