Electrical Engineering celebrations!

After the Chalmers Student Union being voted the best in Europe, this time the quality of education at Chalmers has been recognised by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. In a comprehensive survey conducted, involving evaluation of Bachelors and Master theses for their quality and relevance of research, and several other parameters including self-evaluation Chalmers has obtained ”Very High Quality” for 18 programs, ”High Quality” for a majority of 30 programs and only two out of the 50 programs needing improvement.

"Very High Quality" evaluation for Masters programs in Electrical Engg deparment

”Very High Quality” evaluation for Masters programs in Electrical Engg deparment

This of course is a result to be celebrated, and since my department ”Electrical Engineering Department” obtained a ”Very High Quality” tag, the department decided to celebrate with a cake party. Students with the help from department baked cakes (wondering why all of it was yellow though), that tasted yumm, with geeky electrical engineering patterns all over these.

Recognise the patterns? ;)

Recognise the patterns? 😉

Ecstatic department faculty were jovially interacting with students from the Bachelors and Masters program. As I post this, the cake party is till going on. Go grab a bite of the cake, and also relish the success of being part of the department that deserves the ”Very High Quality” evaluation, and of course of being a Chalmerist 🙂

Cake party near the Copper Dome building

Cake party near the Copper Dome building

Here’s the result from the evaluation portal I exported for Chalmers.Results
You can also compare the results with other programs and universities on this page (Swedish only).