Concert finale to the Global Week

I’m not an aficionado of western classical music, but I am one of any live music. Coming to Goteborg, the images that were built in my mind through the ads and promotional videos about the city were that it was apart from everything else it is, it is also an important musical scene. Ranging from western classical to heavy metal, Goteborg is a venue for plenty of musical performances through the year.

Western classical beyond the “Best of …….”, I have no awareness, but as about anything else that I know less about, I am keen on learning and understanding it better, to appreciate it to the fullest. University of Goteborg has its School of Drama and Music about two kilometers from Chalmers. After having missed the Goteborg Orchestra performances at the city opera, I was looking for more affordable ones to experience live orchestra.

The concert hall

Practicing in the concert hall

This culminated to fulfillment in last week’s Global Week celebrations conducted by University of Goteborg. As a finale to the week long events the orchestra of University of Goteborg were performing with some very special artists. I decided not to miss this time around.

Eri Klas, a renowned from Estonia, was conducting the orchestra on this particular occasion. I did read up about him and watched a couple of vidoes before I went to the concert. Needless to say the live experience is incomparable to the meager visualisation on a laptop.

Along with Eri Klas, a prodigy from Scandinavia Ellen Nisbeth scintillated us with her solo violin performance.

The concert was at one of the halls in the Goteborg University’s School of Drama and Music. A beautiful campus, with marvellous paintings and sculptures and the signature Swedish wooden interiors (timber being a major export, and to also to help beat the cold lot of wood is used in buildings in Sweden).


If you did care to notice, I did not click pictures during the event. I did carry my camera, but while I was already thinking that it might interfere with the experience of absorbing myself into the music, a senior lady in the audience urged another student who was setting up her camera with the tripod not to disturb others, and herself with these distractions. My dilemma got cleared and stuffed my camera into my bag.

Lasting for two hours, with a break of twenty minutes, my first western classical concert in Sweden did go on well.

One thing I find curious in witnessing orchestras is to observe individual musicians, not only the soloist as in this case or the conductor’s energy. I was unknowingly playing a game of sorts in spotting the instruments that created a particular sound that I found them to be new. Of course, I would not know their names.

Next on list is to try headbanging in a Swedish heavy metal concert!

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