New challengers to Sweden

Seems like a full circle already, or atleast one of the concentric circles is complete.

It was last year in November that I had taken up Challenge Yourself 2012 to apply for Chalmers. And by this time, last year I was notified as one of the twenty finalists in the competition for Chalmers. During those proceedings, I did not have the faintest idea that within one year, I would already be three months in, and into Sweden.

Now, when I have many applicants, challengers to the Indian stint of Challenge Yourself are trying to contact me, to know about the challenge, Chalmers and life in Sweden, I had an awakening realization of the time and events that have gone by. Having to address queries from enthusiastic students – a place I was in before a year – to see what direction my course of life has taken makes me feel philosophical about it.

What other place than in Sweden, and what other time than past midnight on a winter night to lay back and introspect on what choices I have made, and am going to make!

When the new aspirants to Chalmers, or Sweden in general ask me about life and education here, it is gratifying even to myself when I tell them wholeheartedly that “It’s awesome here!”. Nuanced questions about how is Chalmers, how is your course, how is the teaching, what are my future prospects – are the general repertoire of questions. In answering these it helps me compose myself and to look at what is next for me. Of course, these are the only questions one can come up with in preparing to apply for course. What I have experienced here, were things I could have never imagined. I won’t spoil it for them, and will hope they will experience it themselves.

The warm embrace of sorts with which I have been assimilated into the city of Gothenburg, into the life of Sweden and exposure to the multicultural Europe have not mellowed down yet. These in fact, coupled with my increasing admiration, and growing critique of the many many things I have the opportunity to observe as part of my stay in in Sweden have, to the disappointment of many back at home not made me homesick.

If some of the new applicants are reading this post, an encapsulation of what you can expect coming to Sweden : you will be positively overwhelmed with everything here, and yet it will all seem very subtle – that’s the Swedish way – lagom is their principle. If curious read up online as to what it is.

And if you have already applied for Challenge Yourself India, or are looking at applying with scholarships check out the Swedish Institute scholarships. Follow up here:

And as I said, full three months here in Sweden (I arrived on 22nd August, 2013) and it still hasn’t got unbearably cold or anything. In fact I am waiting for those deeper sub-zero temperatures. Forecast says mild snow early morning – I may not be up by then, will wait, for it shall cometh in abundance.


PS: On a related note, from archives of 2012.

Entire team from Sweden, including the Swedish Ambassador to India during the prize ceremony in Bangalore last year. We visited Volvo, Bangalore as part of the event

Team from Sweden, including the Swedish Ambassador to India with participants during the prize ceremony in Bangalore last year. We visited Volvo, Bangalore as part of the event

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