Scholarships for international applicants

In my previous post I briefly reminisced about my own scholarship experience for the benefit of new applicants. Considering the time is ripe for new admissions for international students, I will remain focused on scholarships that international applicants can benefit from in this post too.

When applying to Chalmers programs, there are more many scholarship avenues to tread upon. The national competitions in Brazil, India and US for this term have closed –  for instance – the path that led me to Chalmers. This apart, there are few other promising scholarship opportunities when applying to Chalmers, or to Sweden as a whole.

To just make this post extra informative I spoke to two scholarship holders in my class – MPCOM. Both of them have been awarded the Swedish Institute scholarship, and this scholarship basically comprises of a full tution fee waiver, and an all living expenses paid deal for the tenure of the program (two years). My scholarship is also the same, only the process was different.

Durga Priya from India and Issac Sackey from Ghana are doing the same program as I am enrolled in – Masters in Communication Engineering.

(I am not quoting them verbatim, but paraphrasing their comments with attribution to them)

SI scholarship holders Issac and Durga from MPCOM-1,Chalmers

SI scholarship holders Issac and Durga from MPCOM-1,Chalmers

SI scholarship for applicants from India

Durga Priya, was one of the twenty finalists of Challenge Yourself 2012. Although there was only one winner in that competition, she used her result from the competition to apply to the Swedish Institute scholarship. Challenge Yourself closes in mid-November, whereas SI scholarship opens only in February.

Durga Priya received the SI scholarship for the same academic year to begin her Masters in September 2013 at Chalmers. According to her there are about five other Indian SI scholarship holders in Chalmers alone, and hence a bigger number when considered across Sweden.

SI scholarship for applicants from Ghana

Issac Sackey is one of the two SI scholarship holders at Chalmers from Ghana. In the discussion with him he laid emphasis on his work experience and his CV that might have led him to Chalmers with a scholarship.

Issac says there was nothing special in terms of documents or procedure that he had to engage in to apply for the scholarship. He had applied for Chalmers on the centralised admission portal – and cited the application with his well made CV and motivation letter to the SI scholarship challenge. He is doing well now at Chalmers, and hopes more applicants from Ghana apply this year.

More on the upcoming Swedish Institute scholarships

Avancez Scholarship

The Avancez scholarship by the Chalmers foundation is another popular scholarship for students applying to Chalmers. This scholarship does not cover living expenses, but still comprises of 75% fee waiver. The application deadline is on 15th January, 2014.

Other scholarships

The most comprehensive list of all valid scholarships when applying to Chalmers are documented on the Chalmers website. Keep a watch on these and apply to the ones that suit you best.


While it might be pretty exorbitant to move away from your home country, pay tuition fee and settle in Sweden in pursuit of your higher studies, these various scholarships are the tickets to a bright future that come without being exorbitant 😉




    I am from India and a prospective student at Chalmers. I have got offer for MSc in Structural and Building Technology for this fall 2014 course and have also received Avancez Scholarship which amounts to 75% tuition fee. So I need guidance on financial support that is about my living expenses. As I am unable to finance the rest amount so can you help me how can I fund the rest amount for my stay at Chalmers. I have also applied Swedish Institute Scholarships but did not get selected. So please help me out!! Is there any way to get financial support? I truly want to study the course at Chalmers as it is my dream to be a Structural Engineer and I think Chalmers can provide me the best possible foundation for that.

  2. Ssekijjo Daniel

    I am a Ugandan from Kampala, Uganda, East Africa and i want a full scholarship. I am inquiring whether there will be opportunities for us from East Africa.

  3. Richard chimba

    hi. my name is richard chimba , i come from Tanzania.l plead to get full scholarship to study medicine doctor.
    i am bright student.

    • Michael Nystås

      Hi Richard, Chalmers is a technical university and as such we do not offer any medical training.


    Hi, my name is Saba Izhar Haque am inquiring whether there will be opportunities for us from Pakistan. I am looking scholarship in PHD Studies by research in Computer Eng as I am Asst Professor in NED University of Eng & Technology in Pakistan. Please Advise.