Number four is taking off

This week Chalmeristbloggen says hi and welcome to our fourth student ambassador blogger, Waleed Hasan from Pakistan!
We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions to get to know him a bit better.
Waleed will have Fridays as his blogging day, and will form a great team along with Divia, Ben and Raghavendra.
Here we go!

Welcome to the blog, Waleed! How do you do? Please introduce yourself! Age, country, interests, programme at Chalmers.
– My name is Waleed Hasan and I am from Pakistan. I come from the famous city Lahore which is known for its culture, cuisine, history and hospitality. I am 22 and currently pursuing my Masters degree at Chalmers in Structural Engineering and Building Technology. I did my Bachelors in Civil Engineering, from Islamabad, Pakistan in June 2013 and kind-of took the first flight to Sweden after that (only 2 months break from studies!).
– I have a keen interest in activities that improve social contact, especially since now that I am abroad, I want to explore diverse lifestyles, languages and cultures by meeting people from various backgrounds. I absolutely love food; it always brings out a big beaming smile on my face. For me good food is a source of joy, a reason for family and friends to be together and the silver-lining of every event. No matter how fancy your party is, it all goes down the drain if the food is not good enough.I am very fond of outdoor activites like hiking, jogging and am very passionate about cricket. I follow cricket very closely and really enjoy playing it. I enjoy reading about personal experiences of other people especially short narrations about certain events in their lives. I believe they are very educating and not boring at all, in fact a much better way of learning than a lecture in a classroom! I am not a movie-geek but do love watching movies, especially those that portray characters larger than life ; they help put your mind off from all the monotonous daily routines and those contradicting thoughts in your head about what to do with your life!

Why did you choose to study at Chalmers?
– I chose Chalmers because of the contacts it had with the industry. I liked the emphasis it placed on practical implementation of knowledge. I think class rooms are an important medium of learning but very limited since you only get to know what the teacher has to offer. Learning through personal experience is a more rich and effective method of getting to know your profession and how you feel about it. Practical experience ignites your thought process and makes you think about the pros and cons of being in a particular line of work and wether or not you made the right choice. Chalmers provides that window to interact with companies of international stature, and to explore what lies beyond the classroom. The ranking and international standing of Chalmers were impressive and I wanted to do my higher studies at an institute which has more to offer than the universities back home. Chalmers had that kind of expertise, laboratories and personnel which can help add something unique to your skill set as a engineer.

What do you think so far?
– I have not been disappointed so far. As expected, I see alot of windows of opportunity, to work and to harness my skills as an engineer. I came here knowing that language could be a possible barrier. I enjoy the challenge, and hope I will make some progress with my Swedish language skills. It was a pleasant surprise to see that teachers were easily approachable and very humble in their interaction with students. There is no awkward barrier if you want to approach a teacher; although very well qualified, none of them are egoistic and are open to discussions, which is very refreshing to see. The people are friendly, and system well structured; health care, education, traffic and other organs of society function in perfect harmony.

What are your future plans?
– I hope to enhance my international exposure by working in Europe preferably in Scandinavia. Breaking in to the market is difficult of course and requires a lot of research and understanding about the scope of work, but I will give it my best shot. I plan to travel around Europe and visit as many places as I can afford both financially and in terms of time. But everything is tentative since I don’t believe in planning well ahead of time. Let’s see what future has in store for me!

What can the blog readers expect from you?
– Whenever I write I try to be honest, simple and precise. Readers can expect to know more about life at Chalmers, I hope, from new and refreshing perspective. I hope to maintain my originality, and provide an opinion in light of my background, previous education and experiences, says Waleed.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Private