Why I am having to be servile to artificial intelligence!

I’m a huge fan of The Matrix series (watched the trilogy to my last update – 14 times). Although I do not want to admit,deep down I do not dismiss the dystopia of machines taking over the world. Not in the Armageddon annihilation way, but as an overt dependence of us on machines and artificial intelligence.
We are on that path I would say – imagine a day without your gadgets.

I have tried avoiding extreme dependence on gadgets and computers that would  put my routine at risk. Yeah, don’t already brand me a hypocrite – you will find me fiddling with a phone or using my email application constantly, but not to an extent that threatens my survival. Not until recently, to be precise, after my coming to Sweden have I been totally totally dependent on them to help me carry out my tasks and responsibilities.


I am differently-abled, of course as George Carlin says, everyone is differently abled. But even as a cripple, my navigation skills are horrible. People who know me will excuse me if I confess that I got lost on my way to an event – I am that bad.
Before moving here, I have always lived in Bangalore, and that is good enough time to take me across the city. But what else do you expect now in Sweden. Except for the commute now to Chalmers and home, I still am heavily dependent on my navigation apps and cannot make it for a meeting or event without spending extra time getting lost and finding my way, even with these apps. I accommodate this time in my advanced departure for meetings.

Latest being, the concert that I covered sometime back. I was lost for more than an hour before I could find the way to reach the venue.

Dependence on navigation apps might not be as deadly as my next servility.


I maintain a pocket notebook, that I carry constantly with me. I use this to jot down those spurious ideas that fly past through my head.
<sarcasm> Thanks to Chalmers, I am now servile to my calendar app<\sarcasm>.
Although I might not want to be, but it has reached a state of inevitability. Firstly the timetable for lectures, it takes about a month for me to recognise them in memory, but six weeks is all we have lectures for in a quarter, and then the reload of new timetable. So the calendar app does well in reminding me of lectures and the halls.

The project meetings and deadlines.
I have at an average one deadline in every three days. Now, thats hard, if you consider that I can’t remember a thing. Projects, delivery deadlines, project meetings and lab time – all have to get on to the calendar. Else, if I arrogantly try relying on my memory, I will be ousted off the course in no time.  Added to the project deadlines are the assignment hand-in, reports and quizzes. While the tasks themselves are not undoable, rather they are enjoyable, keeping track of them is a BIG task. And hence my increasing dependence on the applications running on my gadgets.

When you are preparing to come to Chalmers, also have your digital assistant configured to help you out in your daily tasks.

But, prophetically, if someday you do feel overpowered by your gadgets, remember that you were warned in reality first here, by me 😉

PS: I even had a task to write here, because recently I goofed up a Thursday to be a Friday and caused some annoyance because of that!

Relatively less crowded week this one

Relatively less crowded week this one