With Astronaut Christer Fuglesang at Chalmers.

Christer Fuglesang In space

My life is being shaped at Chalmers  on a daily basis letting me believe that learning does not have to be only confined in class and I think I will never stop learning. In my previous posts i told you that I was going to get back and let you know more about my first winter experience in Sweden, owing to my winter preparation described by friends as an “astronaut preparation”. Little did I know that these words would come back and haunt me with every single day of dramatic u-turn. Indeed Psychologists say that what you believe is what you see and this has landed me in a trap of one of the people I believe I would never meet in life, people who perform things that look to me like a dream and something I believe has been experienced by only a handful of the 7billion people in this world-Thanks to Science 

Ben and ChristerThis person is none other than the Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang. It was a wonderful experience to me last week meeting him at the Space Symposium, someone whom to me i believe no longer uses the quote that “ the sky is the limit” someone who has managed to live in a place with less earth’s gravitational pull than where we are.  According to European Space Agency website, http://www.esa.int  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-wC7BH5ssE “Christer Fuglesang is the first Swedish citizen in space. Christer whose first space flight was in December 2006 and described as Celsius flew as a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery for STS-116 to the International Space Station. He became the first Swedish astronaut to fly in space on his Celsius mission, conducted spacewalks and a number of assignments. His second spaceflight was in September 2009 as a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery for STS-128 to the International Space Station. On this Alissé mission, made several space walks and several assignments”.

Christer’s visit to Chalmers though not his first visit was a day of excitement to me and those who attended the Space Symposium including my colleague Sten Li from the electrical department. Everyone who attended the Symposium could not hold on their pleasure about being face to face with Christer whom most people present took several photos with him. The whole event was graced by Christer and other wonderful experts in the sister fields that included Kristine Dannenberg from Swedish National Space board, Lembit Sihver from Chalmers Department of Applied Physics, René Liseau from Chalmers Radio and Space Sciences and Herbert Zirath from the Department of Microteknology and Nanoscience.  Christer talked about current programs and showed number of exciting and inspirational photos and videos of events happening in space. He also highlighted about the future of space explorations, micro gravity and what’s currently taking place in space. Several interesting information and speeches were also delivered by the various speakers that included Short overview of the Swedish National Space Board, research financing and research program, Radiation Risks in Space, Herschel mission and the future of Nano electronics application in spaced based on the research at Chalmers. Interested University Students which I believe no one would dare to say no according to the smiling faces at the function were also briefed on how they could participate or experience about the space program, which is currently a collaboration between Swedish National Space Board and European Space Agency according to the Magazine provided to those who were present. Everyone who attending the event at least had something to talk about after. At the moment there are no words that can describe the beauty of my experience but in the meantime watch this space as we take you through this astonishing experience.

Sten Li

Text: Ben Owilli  Email; owilli@student.chalmers.se  Photo 1: ESA Photo Photo 2 and 3: Ben and Sten Li with Christer Fuglesang