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Trying to acquire an opportunity for studying abroad always comes with trying situations and many requirements that need to be fulfilled.The most touching issues always range from Admissions, Study Visas, up keep fees, difficult moments living abroad and not forgetting demanding University fees in the host country. For every student having a dream of an international career or with an insight of changing the world, this can be an additional responsibility that may place their future in balance. Many students across the world are always affected both emotionally and academically as a result of these issues. According to the UN 2013 Sustainable Development Report, Education has been cited as one of the key factors for a future pathways if the world is to achieve global sustainable development. However with these challenges, we can say that the world is at risk if these kinds of challenges on cross-country studies for quality education are not addressed.

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 Thankfully, many countries across the world understand this kind of dilemma and have stepped forward offers that support various challenges facing international students in various forms with an interest of backing global development. Sweden is one of the countries providing possible solutions for such situations with various Scholarship programmes targeting international students from a number of countries. Above 2013/2014 SI Network for future global leaders members during a kick off event in Stockholm Sweden. Left to right, Andy Phill(Haiti),Raghavendra Selvan (India), Ben Owilli(Uganda), Chea Nich(Cambodia)

According to a recent statement on the Swedish Institute website There are a number of scholarship programmes available to various students who would like to have study opportunities in Sweden for the 2014/2015 academic year with targets on global thinkers aiming to contribute and participate in building sustainable networks across the world.

           “We want our scholarship holders to play an active role in society, with potential and ambition to work actively towards issues that contribute to sustainable global change and development” the statement seen on the institute website reads.

Part of the statement continues. 

          “SI scholarship holders are also members of our SI Network for Future Global Leaders” .

 One of the Scholarship programme being administered by the Swedish Institute is the Swedish Institute study scholarship. The 2014/15 study program will be targeting highly qualified students and are awarded for studies in Sweden starting in an autumn semester for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden covering both living costs and tuition fees. The Scholarship is open to students from two categories. Category one contains students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Category two comprises students from Algeria, Botswana, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam, the West Bank & Gaza, and Yemen. An estimated 550 Scholarship will be awarded for both categories this year according to the Institute website.

Nelson Kiprotich

Nelson Kiprotich(Third left), SI Scholarship holder from Kenya Studying Masters In Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers University of  technology posing for a photo after a laboratory experiment on water quality.

More Swedish Scholarship Categories Released.


This year has been blessed with two new separate categories added to the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship Programme, South Africa and Syria will this year start having a separate slot  on annual basis. South Africa which of recent has been hit with grief after losing one of her world International Icon Nelson Mandela will be given 10 positions each academic year for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden for 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17. While Syrian applicants whose country is seeing the worst war in modern history will be having 15 positions each academic year for 2014/2015, 2015/2016.

SI Scholarship Holders Speak Out About Their Experiences and Journey to Sweden.

My Colleague Mohammad Nesrini from Syria who currently leaves and studies in Sweden at Lund University is one of the 2013/2014 Swedish Scholarship holder , he says it was such a dream come true for him to get the 2013/2014 Swedish scholarship.


Nesrini (above) who first learnt about the Swedish Scholarship while searching the web got his scholarship at a time when his country was battling with the worst wars he had never seen before. He took this Scholarship with a dream to get back and help his country whose future is staggering at the moment. He believes Education is one of the powerful tools that can help his country recover.

I knew about the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship while searching the web for scholarship opportunities to complete my masters studies. Actually, it was such a dream for me, and Thank God, and Thanks SI that one of my dreams has come true. I couldn’t afford to study anymore due to war in my country and i got it at a hard time as my country Syria is suffering from a bloody war. I fled Syria with a big dream to get back and help it in the future. I believe that education is the most powerful tool that can help any society to recover and develop. Thanks also to the Swedish Institute for making a special scholarship programme for Syrian Students for the next two academic years, that’s highly appreciated as the current war has deprived many of us Syrians of our right to continue with our studies. After completing my masters, I prefer to go for PhD studies in order to get a profound knowledge in the field of Biotech Research. I hope also that the war in my country ends up so that i can help and contribute in the reconstruction and academic revival.” Nesrini says

Chea Nich, one of the 2013/2014 scholarship holders, from Cambodia and is currently studying  Masters in Educational research at Gothenburg University in  Sweden, finds Sweden as a calm and peaceful country with good quality of education. The idea of pursuing master degree abroad was always rooted in her mind until her dream was realized. She told me she knew about the Swedish Institute Scholarship through facebook. She intends to utilize her knowledge for the development of her country upon her graduation.


Chea Nich in the photo above told me this;

          ”I found out about Swedish Scholarship on facebook, I was so enthusiastic in applying because Sweden is known as a peaceful country with good quality of higher education. I, then, went ahead by following the link. Of course, the description of the scholarship and the process of applying written on the webpage were quite confusing to me since it was my first time. I had to read it for a couple of times and asked one of my friends who was one of the Swedish Institute Scholars”.

I also got time to ask her what she intends to do after finishing her studies in Sweden. 

          ”After graduation, I would utilize my knowledge to contribute to the development of my country by giving lectures at local universities where I can impart my knowledge to the next generations”.Chea Nich-Cambodia

Walid Mirza (In the photo below)  from Pakistan chose Sweden because of its innovation and creativity, he believes that economic and technological progress is the key in shaping his developing country,

          ”A distinguishing aspect that made me choose Sweden was a deep running culture of innovation and creativity in Swedish academia, I have already completed my first semester in Sweden. These short four months have provided me an opportunity to develop a set of skills. The educational system of Sweden is prominently featured by practical projects, critical thinking , and group exercises; all these features combined together help students bring cutting-edge, innovative ideas to the market.” Walid Mirza-Pakistan


More Scholarships Under The Swedish Institute.

Other Scholarships under the Swedish Institute are Guest Scholarship programme which aims at strengthening and developing research relevant to capacity building and fighting poverty in programme countries. An estimated 20 scholarships will be offered for the academic year 2014/2015. Another Scholarship programme still under the Swedish Institute is Visiby programme; This programme is available for Masters, Phd and Post Doctoral applicants, the proposed number of students for the scholarship this year stands at 60 and 45 for Masters and Doctoral applicants respectively and targets students from Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. Last but not least is the Sweden-Turkish Scholarship programme, this programme aims at promoting democracy and social development and its intended for full masters studies in Sweden and covers full tuition and living costs for studies in Sweden. Another Scholarship under this is the SI Scholarship for the Western Balkans formerly known as SI Scholarship for Eastern Europe and aims to promote, Democracy, Economic and Social development and targets students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. About 10-15 Scholarships are planned to be awarded according to the institute website.

SI Network For Future Global Leaders


Above is Sahanna Prasanna, an SI Scholarship holder from New Delhi in India, who is studying Masters at Chalmers University of Technology stressing a point during the 2013/2014 SI Network for Future Global leaders Kickoff event in Stockholm while Mohamed Ismail, SI Scholar from Cairo-Egypt looks on. All Swedish Scholarship holders automatically become a member of the SI Network for future global leaders, a network that aims at creating a lasting inter relationship among Scholarship holders and Sweden. Various activities are always organised targeting the SI Network for future global leaders and are always provided with a possibility for students to attend and improve on their skills. Below is a photo of some  SI Scholarship holders during the kick of event 


Other Scholarships in Sweden

There are also other Study Scholarships in relation to Sweden, for University Scholarships, please see University-Scholarship , for Bilaterial Scholarships please see Bilateral-scholarships , for erasmus Scholarship in Sweden please see #Erasmus-Mundus-in-Sweden/

Swedish Institute Scholarship application periods and deadlines

Most scholarship applications periods and deadlines are always determined by the Swedish Institute, the 2013/2014 deadline for most SI Scholarships is February 2014 please see for more details.


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