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It has been long since my post made it here!!. With my second semester almost getting done and 2014 rolling. I must admit that it has been a busy semester for me with participation in classes, learning Swedish, researching, Swimming and all sorts of daily activities this side. I also managed to participate in the BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) competition here at Chalmers to get a chance for the next competition in Copenhagen-Denmark. I also can’t miss mentioning the CHARM fair I attended that happened early in the semester, CHARM fair is one of the biggest career fairs in Northern Europe where every year over 200 European companies gather at Chalmers University for exhibitions. All those have gone with a big impact on me. I hope you have been following us on various University Channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also have now Chalmers Student Ambassadors’ web page, make sure you don’t miss seeing profiles of amazing ambassadors from different continents across the world. Some of us covered over 7million kilometers to search for knowledge and experience new cultures in Sweden and guess what, I love it!.


Over 200 European companies preparing their exhibition and mass recruitment drive that was held earlier in the semester

I also noticed that many countries are still battling with huge amounts of snow but here in Gothenburg we are already making our way to summer. And absolutely yes, the sky has started clearing up and I have started pulling my sun glasses out. Many friends have started talking about summer, and I think this coming summer being my first in Sweden will be fantastic. Snow and ice are like part of the people in Sweden, they do a lot  of ice activities and just a few weeks ago the Swedish Hockey team had a bottle neck final battle with Canada at the Sochi Winter Olympic in Russia unfortunately they didn’t make it as the best.


Summer weather expected soon

And in a similar development, all roads lead to the Scandinavian Alps at Hemsedal early in April for a number of Chalmers students. Scandinavian alps is one of the most spectacular skii Centres in Scandinavia. Personally I have never done skiing but I intend to feel a test of it. I have been watching it online and on TVs, but this is the chance for me to have a glimpse and experience these kinds of sports. You hardly see anything like snow in my country Uganda and anything like snow is associated with cold weather and less activities. The trip that includes a 6 hour journey and organized by Chalmers Alternative Sports will only not focus on the destination but an opportunity to explore the beautiful, and it’s expected to last from April 10th-14th, 2014. Alongside Skiing there are also other activities like Mountain biking, ice climbing and many more.

HemsedalI really love traveling and I believe I will be in position to go and enjoy this trip. For the moment let me go back to my empty seat in the quiet library reading section (First photo) and focus more for exams which kicks off in three days which everyone seems to be busy preparing for. The usual busy entrance hall (Photo below) seems to be abandoned with everyone making their last recap at the quiet section.

Library entrance

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