Meet my Chalmers Friends


Amanda and Linda

                      Amanda                                                                                                                                           Linda

They will appear to you as calm, soft-spoken at first sight but involve them in the discussions, and you will find out how hardworking they are.They are referred by their first names as Amanda and Linda respectively. I call them real friends who have made me blend so fasts in this Swedish Environment. Amanda and Linda have been so inspirational to my changing life at Chalmers University and I am so grateful for having known them. They are both studying Masters In Structural Engineering and Building Technology

We have been attending the same Courses together, but I fully started interacting with them when we were revising  for last semester’s final exams. I bumped onto them at the department as they were heading for discussions with a few of their friends; they had a unique and fun way of revising and they allowed me to Join them. Our full defining moments exploded this semester when we were placed in the same project, and I was so excited having discussed with them earlier. During our project discussions, I learnt a lot from them.

One thing Chalmers University should be proud of  is how they work hard to ensure that students from different backgrounds are merged together to work as a team. Projects and exercise group members are always selected keenly with students from various backgrounds grouped together, and they ensure that at least every student plays an active role in the group.

Below s is what one of the professors wrote to us early this semester on how one of our projects will be carried;

       ”The projects are carried out by groups of 4 – 5 students. The groups are organised by the teachers so that students with various background will be trained to work together. Each student should take an active part in the preparation and presentation of the work. One of the students will be appointed to co-ordinate the work in the group. Every student should be a co-ordinator during at least one of the projects in the Structural engineering courses”. Bjorn Engstrom

Personally I find this so impressive since teamwork is one of the crucial skills everyone should possess in today’s changing economy as team members are more important than their energy, interest and drive for the tasks.

With this trend, we should, therefore, not get surprise when we keep seeing headlines that Chalmers University voted as the best University in Europe according to International Student Barometer.

I can say with confidence that studying here will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experience in my life. Though I have great experiences academically, some of the best aspects of my experience are also the people. The friends are very excellent, and they helped me adjust to an unfamiliar system comfortable.

Tram Race

Moments with some International students during our Introductory week in Sept.last year-We had a city tour, and we got the background people playing music in one of the centres.

Outside Dining

Students relaxing outside the Union building enjoying the sunshine during lunch hour.

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