The ‘brighter side’ of Gothenburg

For the past couple of weekends, the weather in Gothenburg has simply been amazing. Sun shine lit up the entire city, piercing through the glooms of the winter that just went by, and hinting the arrival of spring.

It was fascinating to see how a city can transform, with the slightest change in weather. The ever so scarcely populated streets of Gothenburg suddenly seemed to have been flooded with fresh, glowing faces, each of which seemed to be relishing the opportunity to be in the sun. I had never expected my-self to call 12 degrees a pleasant temperature, instead I perceived it to be cold since it is the winter temperature back in Lahore. But in Gothenburg it felt like a blessing; the city came back to life, as people graced the coffee tables that sprung up outside the cafes and the natural beauty of the city became more vivid and obvious in bright daylight.

Chalmers: the sun shine is back again!

Chalmers: the sun shine is back again!

Most of the locals tell me that this year Gothenburg has seen a relatively warmer winter than usual. So probably, I have not seen the worst yet. But nonetheless, the recent change in weather was a welcome sign. The change of season brings with itself alot of promise. Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg opens later next month and adds a unique flavour to this city. It hosts hundreds of tourists every year and is home to some exciting rides that get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Haga, is another attraction that glitters up during the summer. It is a street that has become a central tourist attraction owing to it’s picturesque architecture, classical 19th century ambiance, graceful old buildings and some of the city’s best cafes. It has been wonderfully preserved by the government and is reminiscent of old European streets, ones that I had only seen in the movies before.

Liseberg: a central tourist attraction during the summer

Liseberg: a major tourist attraction during the summer

Haga: Chalmerists sharing a kanelbulle, at a famous cafe on Haga street

Gothenburg: Chalmerists sharing a kanelbullar, at a famous cafe on Haga street

For now, it’s a relief to get rid of the massive winter jackets and to be able sit back, relax and take-in the warmth of afternoon. I am looking forward to the exciting prospect of spending this summer in Sweden. I am sure that over the next few months the city would reveal itself even more and keep entertaining me!