Leo and Hedfors win Chalmers medal 2014

Dorothy Leo and Bo Hedfors are awarded the Chalmers medal 2014 for their efforts in promoting the university’s development and operations.
“With a combination of energy, valuable international experience and working in the interests of Chalmers students, they have, in their personal and considerate manner, contributed to both student development and a more attractive Chalmers”, the university board wrote in their motivation.

Bo Hedfors

Chalmers alumnus Bo Hedfors (E68) was one of the founders of U.S. Friends of Chalmers in 2002. He has occupied many management positions within telecommunications, including in Sweden, Holland and Denmark and as deputy managing director at Motorola, Chicago, USA. He worked for Ericsson in Sweden for 30 years and ran his own company, Hedfone Consulting, from 2002 until 2009. He has also functioned as a business angel and once again has demonstrated his affinity with Chalmers by investing both resources and expertise within Chalmers sphere of innovation. Bo Hedfors now lives in La Jolla, California and in Stockholm.

Member of RÅK
Bo Hedfors has been a member of the RÅK advisory committee at Chalmers since start up and contributed with contacts and expertise in connection with international arenas and USA. Moreover, he has provided useful contacts with the telecommunications sector, in which he has been active throughout his career.
As have many other RÅK members, Bo Hedfors has been a champion benefactor and donator to Chalmers, displaying great interest in Chalmers research and innovation systems. He has displayed equal interest in students and in education development. Bo Hedfors has been the largest donator to U.S. Friends of Chalmers and to the student scholarships that bear the foundation name.

Increasing knowledge about Chalmers in the USA
U.S. Friends of Chalmers is an organisation for the main purpose of increasing knowledge about Chalmers in the USA, and by this means supporting research, development and collaboration between these countries in organising fundraising for various purposes. This is achieved by informing Chalmers of possible American donations. As chairperson of the association, Bo Hedfors has promoted and supported voluntary work for Chalmers in USA. Bo Hedfors has also supported and reinforced the internship program Chalmers has in USA for technology students and freshly qualified alumni. Here, students are given the opportunity to study and work for US companies for a period of time. The program has been highly beneficial in development terms for both interns and Chalmers. U.S. Friends of Chalmers have recently launched a new scholarship for American citizens interested in taking a master’s degree at Chalmers.

Dorothy Leo
Dorothy Leo lives in London and been Director of executive Management for the SKF Group since 2012. She is in now charge of SKF management development program and previously, as Director Talent Management, responsible for developing future executives in various global programs. From 1991-1995 she was a consultant for ODI (Organizational Dynamics, Inc.) and before that worked with various projects within different client-related positions.

Infectious energy
Dorothy Leo is involved at all levels in Unitech – a collaboration program between nine prominent universities of technology from nine European countries and more than 20 major companies. Here, as usual, she applies her infectious energy and performs far beyond expectations. Dorothy Leo has been company representative for Unitech management for more than a decade and since 2011 has occupied a still more demanding position as treasurer. This places her in a strategic role for the development of Unitech’s future. She is convinced that Unitech is a concept that provides major advantages for companies, students and universities. Dorothy Leo is prone to promote the importance of Unitech within her own company, where she acts as a hub for many of the decentralised activities SKF operates within the Unitech framework. She regards Unitech as a natural part of SKF Corporate Social responsibility and Employer Branding.

Works for the students
At the personal level she works for the students and provides individual support at every Unitech event. She understands individuals in the situation in which they find themselves at that particular time, and is always prepared to act as a sensible mentor. Dorothy Leo also attends many occasions when students are to be selected based on greatest possible benefit for all parties involved. In her role, she shares her long international HR experience with the university world as to how students can best prepare for future employment in Sweden and other countries.

Provides an example
Dorothy Leo provides an example and demonstrates how collaboration between the business community and the university can function at its best. She has personally given many students a flying start in a global world.

Compilation: Michael Nystås
Photography Bo Hedfors: Jan-Olof Yxell
Photography Dorothy Leo: Private

Facts about the Chalmers medal
The Chalmers medal was instituted in 1948 to commemorate the 200th birthday of William Chalmers. The medal is presented to those who, through enthusiasm and beneficial efforts, have promoted the university’s activities and development. In other words, medal winners shall have achieved something extraordinary for Chalmers.
Chalmers medallists are selected by the Chalmers university board on the advice of the president. The medal is presented at the annual conferment, held this year on the 10th of May.

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