Easter again!-This time in Sweden


Aah, another Easter again!. That time of the year when plant’s sap start rising and  leaves turn green and whatever plants do around this time of the year I can’t tell, the lambs too bounce around this season. I can’t actually mention the connection between the lamb and Easter, but I know that the relationship between the two in Christianity existed centuries back  in the bible when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son. Now throughout the world the lamb has become one of the most popular symbols during Easter season.


Last year, my Easter came and went so quickly. It was all one big bang. It started off with prayers and full of smiles and before I realize it was all over. It was that time when I had already received my Chalmers admission letter for my masters studies and I had started my preparation for Sweden. I didn’t notice it passing since my mind was already filled with plans on a significant journey that will see me to my next academic step. While that process started off almost a year ago, the struggle has already started bearing some fruits and am almost halfway. However, the memory of how my previous fast Easter still keep coming up on my mind and it feels like a few weeks ago. We are now heading to the middle of 2014 which will be halfway to 2015 and I think this memory thing should first leave me alone.

It will be my first Easter in this land and I can’t wait to experience the Swedes Easter culture, am told the Swedes get together. They celebrate by painting eggs and eating traditional Easter food like eggs, fowl, fish and lamb. Children receive Easter eggs filled with candy and dress up like colorful witches.



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  1. Michael Nystås

    Excellent post, Ben! What I like most with Easter is the tranquility and peace that comes over me. Easter is a time for reflection, I go to church and listen to the message, I go out for a walk in the forest, far away from the hectic daily life. I wish you a peaceful Easter holiday, Ben!

    • owillioyunu

      Michael thanks,I like Easter too. Its one of my best holy holiday and the peace in starts from palm Sunday giving you a full week of holiness. This time around I would like to have some experience on how its celebrated in Sweden.

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