Students Accommodation In Gothenburg


So you have secured your place at Chalmers University, after spending several months undergoing the admission process. You now need a decent place for studies. Whether you are relocating from within Sweden or from the furthest part of the world, or if you are the kind who enjoy showing up at school with only a note pad and one pair of shirt or the kind who like arriving with a moving van full of mum and dad’s freezers, TVs, it’s still equally the same you have to get a decent place for all of them provided that you ship them early enough.

Let’s see below where you need to start from in order to get an accommodation in Gothenburg;

Start with the University option. chalmersplatsen_juni_2013_800px

The common and easiest way to get an accommodation if you are an international student is to start by using the agencies recommended by the host University. They often have a list of student-friendly apartments, search sites and sometimes even a website for people to post for flat shares which is always helpful to students. Chalmers University also has agreements with three different housing agencies to provide accommodation services for students. Applications for accommodation can be submitted online during specific time periods for different categories of students and each international student under certain categories are always provided with a guarantee for an accommodation. In most cases international students are always notified about all these through emails. If you have already been admitted make sure to check your mail concerning accommodation information from Chalmers.

Housing Agencies in Gothenburg


Boplats is one of the central rental agencies within Gothenburg city that run the accommodation services. With them you will find available apartments for rent from the municipal housing to private landlords in Gothenburg. Their services range from students housing to selling of apartments, they are also in collaboration with the University and other housing agencies, so registering with them may lead to an end of your accommodation search. More about Boplats here.

Chalmers Studentbostäder


Chalmers Studentbostäder has a agreement with Chalmers University for the provision of accommodation to students and their apartments are situated close to the University, about 700 metres from the University and 10 minutes walk. There is a modern sports centers between the University and the student’s apartment and if you are one of those who love sports, then this may be an ideal place for you. The student area is also equipped with a swimming pool and a Sauna at the basement.  more about Chalmers Studentbostäder can be found here  

SGS Studentbostäder Gibraltar mer av huset

SGS also provides accommodation to students and their apartments is located in various places within Gothenburg. Some are very close to the University at a walk able distance of about five minutes while others are located in various parts of the city. For locations that are at some considerable distance from the University, there is an efficient transportation system within the city that comprises buses and trams so the distance should not stop you from getting an apartments of your interest at the outskirt of the city. SGS is also affiliated to the University and therefore has an agreement with the university to provide accommodation to incoming students. More information concerning SGS Studentbostäder can be found on this link

Other accommodation

There are other agencies and private individuals that operate as well within the city which provide accommodation services within the city, however before making any move ensure to confirm the authenticity of the place.

Reiteration to admitted students for 2014/2015 academic year . 

Information concerning accommodation has been sent to admitted students through Next Stop Chalmers. Check your inbox including the spam folders. For those who missed please get in touch with the University as soon as possible. Best regards

Text; by Owilli Ben Oyunu