Finding accommodation in Gothenburg

Finding accommodation: the nightmare of every student moving to Gothenburg. Or at least that is what I thought before actually going through the application process. It is common knowledge that the housing situation in this city is problematic, with more people wanting to move into it than places available. But as it turns out, the experience was rather uneventful for me and many of my classmates. So I tell you, fear not! It is perfectly possible to find a place to stay before your arrival.

In my apartment hunt, the first step was creating a profile in Boplats, a portal where the housing companies in Gothenburg offer apartments and rooms to rent. The only inconvenient is that it functions by placing the applicants in a queue, so the longer you’ve been registered makes it more probable to obtain an offer. A queue of less than 3 months wasn’t very helpful, so I proceeded to the second step, making use of Chalmers benefits.

For me, being an international student meant that Chalmers guaranteed that I would obtain accommodation. The way they do this is giving out a code to apply some time in advance for accommodation through their associate housing companies.

Since I was coming to Sweden with my boyfriend, I used the code to apply for the SGS Studentbostäder housing in Högsbogatan 30. This one can accommodate more than one tenant, so it is an excellent choice if you are moving here with a family member, a friend, or if you would like to have a roommate. Among the perks of Högsbogatan are the price, which is one of the most affordable when shared between two people, the fact that every flat has its own kitchen, available parking for cars and bikes and a well-placed neighborhood. It is a 7 min. walk away from a main tram station, and it’s on the route for the 16 bus, which has a special student pass that can take you to the city center and both Chalmers campuses for a much lower price than usual.


My beloved tram station – Marklansgatan

Surprisingly, I received an offer immediately after applying, and equally as immediately I accepted it. It was very exciting to rent my first flat ever, which resulted in extensive picture tracking in Google, and of course, constant trips around the well vegetated block using Street View.


Home sweet home as shown by Google Street View

And after a few restless months getting to know the area with my dear friend Google, the time to finally move to the flat came. The procedure to obtain the key went, as most of the Swedish processes, completely smooth. One must locate the office in charge of your housing, check carefully their working hours (something you’ll get very used to doing when living here) and show up there with the required documents. They check that everything is in place and then hand you the shiny, bright, longed key!

Once we finally moved in, we were very happy with our choice. The apartment was more spacious than expected, and so was the common kitchen in every floor. This has allowed us to have bigger gatherings than we could have inside the flat. All throughout, we had a good experience with finding accommodation, and it will surely be the same for you. Good luck!