Hours of Chalmers Cortege wonders


On Wednesday April 30th, we attended Chalmers Cortege event with a few of my friends at the University. Sure, we all knew Easter was pretty much over with all its memories in Sweden, spring getting done and summer drawing closer already, but all these didn’t stop us from enjoying more memorable events on this land. This was my first event that I attended in Sweden with such a large crowed, all of us were treated to the fullest with this greatest historic even that is always performed annually.


What is Chalmers Cortège?

The Chalmers Cortège is an annual parade held always on the 30th April by students of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. It’s comprised of  students’ performance that depicts significant events that happened in the past few months or years.The art event that includes physical models are carried by trucks passing through Gothenburg city sandwiched with bands in a ceremonial way. Thousands of spectators gather along designated streets and are treated with these models within the city.The event which has turned to be Chalmers tradition is traced to have started way back in 1909.


Preparation and design

Participating students first get involved in a brainstorming exercise to come up with the topics before it’s passed to the event committee for approval. Once its passed, students then get engaged in the actual production process and during the event day its moved around designated route within the city. Some are transported on trucks while others have been designed with wheels and engines making them able to move on the road.



Treat yourself with a few of the event photos, some of the depictions made world headlines and you can use it to test your memory about the world affairs.

Tyre Shoes






And the smart band comes in!





  1. Michael Nystås

    Ah, such an excellent posting, Ben! I was hoping that at least one of our student ambassador bloggers would share personal views about the Cortège. And you did! Well, I have a question for you: we’re in desperate need of English material on the Cortège for the news on chalmers.se, and I was wondering if I could publish your blog post as a news article there? Of course with an explanational frame work about your role and all appropriate credits to you as author of the text? I would be great with even more visibility for you and for our potential international students to read. Think about it and get back to me – here or on michael.nystas@chalmers.se.

    My very best regards until then!


    • owillioyunu

      Dear Michael,

      Thankyou for the comment, the event was so entertaining and I believe everyone present including me and my friends enjoyed it.
      I have sent you a separate email on the above address,

      Best Regards

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