Waking up a Pond!

Now that Spring is here, there is no scarcity of events across the city of Gothenburg. Last week was full with events,for instance the Gothenburg Science Festival had special public events arranged across the city.

Likewise, plenty of events are unrolling even at Chalmers.
Last weekend witnessed the annual gathering of wakeboarders, performing scintillating stunts on their wakeboards – The Chalmers Wake-A-Pond

True to its name, the pond in front of the Architecture building (A-pond) was indeed alive, and kicking. The wakeboarders from across Sweden were crazily flipping themselves off the ramp and crashing on the puddle of water, while the crowd cheered and lauded their skills. The participants made it seem so elegant, but of course, one can imagine how hard it must be even to just splash on water while being pulled on the wakeboard. Spread over four hours the event had packed high quality sport content, which was open for public with free access. Due to little publicity of the event, the crowd although was huge, was not at its fullest potential I would say.

With such a cool event happening, even the weather played good sport by clearing up the skies and ushering the warmth that made the wet event all the more enjoyable.

This is one of the umpteen possible events organised by students, as part of the various committees. If you are coming on board later this year, check out the website of different Chalmers committees and make it a point to get in touch with the teams – they won’t recruit you, if that’s a prevailing notion. Check out the list, not exhaustive, nonetheless gives a good picture about the committees at Chalmers.

Here’s a short clip from the event, followed by few pictures.

IMG_3244 IMG_3254 IMG_3291