Inside My Swedish Summer Plans

??????????????????????Maybe it’s time for taming myself, the time for relaxation, having fun and absolute summer holidays. Summer has been the hottest topic this month, and yes I thought I would bring out what’s in my diary for this marvelous time too. To me it has been a mix reactions over what exactly I have to do, of course, updating myself with new places don’t always miss but that isn’t enough. I have been thinking of either enjoying this summer in one place or move around feeding my eyes. It seems I am guilty, and I have to face them equally. I have, therefore, concluded that before I drop down helpless for the final rest after the semester, I should first have a couple of places to update my upstairs before getting grounded.  As I write this, I am watching the Gothenburg half Marathon taking place within the city with my diary beside me. Let me first get done with writing this before I get back to watching the marathon and below are my holiday destination plans.

1. Orebro, Sweden OrebroThis will be my second time going to this attractive Swedish city, characterized with its cultural heritage. The first time I went to Orebro was about seven months back, and I failed to get nothing to do, I was very occupied enjoying each an every angle. The place is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden with its city traced back to the 13th century during Swedish kingship reigns. It has numerous tourists’ attractions that include the majestic Orebro Castle with its beautiful cylindrical towers, Svampen water tower. The city is also at the vicinity of  river Svartån making it magnificent. Orebro is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss once you’re in Sweden. Come join me in this memorable life journey on my next summer tour to Orebro.

2. Stockholm and the historic Archipelago Site StockholmSweden, is a land that has characteristic history. The magnificent Stockholm archipelago site is believed to be one of the largest in Sweden and second within the Baltic sea. The Swedish capital and its historical archipelago will be my second destination this summer. We had a brief tour within Stockholm with a group of students on October last year, but the time wasn’t enough for us, we had to catch up with the train for Gothenburg. Stockholm’s archipelago is accessible from central Stockholm all year round. I also intend not only to be specific to the site but to have extensive excursions using boat and bus rides within the city to boost my Stockholm summer programs. I believe this will be a good memorable summer for me in Sweden.

3.Malmo, Sweden Malmo 4After Stockholm, I will be crossing back to Malmo with a few day stopover at my pivot point Gothenburg. In brief Malmo is situated in western Sweden and currently the third largest Swedish city in terms of population. Malmo is also one of the major gateways to Copenhagen. It has a number of attractions that have been of interest to me which among them includes Ribersborg beach, the turning torso, Malmohus Castle, Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark .

4.Iceland IcelandI am also impressed by the fact that I am in a position to visit a number of countries outside Sweden using my Swedish resident permit card. I intend to have one visit to Iceland. This is a place that has been on my mind for so long after Sweden. During the Easter season, a few of my friends had a visit to the place, and they said they were in a position to enjoy their trip too.

5. Gothenburg is my academic home; Sweden GothenburgGothenburg is my academic and resting home. After an exhaustive summer trip, I intend to get back to Gothenburg before I head home and have some time in Uganda for a few weeks. In Gothenburg, I will move around the city using the water transport. I will also have some time and visit the museum and the parks within the city. Then I will be going to the nearby Islands for a full relaxation before I prepare for my home flight.

6.UgandaUganda National ParkFinally getting back home to Uganda will be my last activity as I prepare for my second-year studies at Chalmers. So far, my first year in Sweden has been one of the best in my life and its of no doubt that this has made a number of positive impacts to my current and subsequently future routes. I intend to have some time with a few members of one of  the charity organisation that I submit to before heading back for studies.

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