”I was so eager to know more about the living costs in Gothenburg”


Managing my life while abroad was one of the things on my mind the very first day I confirmed my place for studies at Chalmers. I knew I was moving to a different place that is totally new to me. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to handle this, but I believed that a good cultural and financial discipline was one of the keys among others.

I kept being challenged as my September kept drawing nearer, thinking about my journey, how I will be making lifelong friends and getting to know more about Gothenburg city. I was so eager to know more about the living costs in Gothenburg, student’s life within the city and everything in general that refers to studies. Anything that relates to my living costs was taken with keen interests because I knew this would affect my performance in the end. What I did was to summarize my needs into two categories. My personal things and the ones that are mandatory for my academic progress.

When I reached Chalmers, I found the system was a little bit different; here most things are handled online compared to my previous school back in Uganda. The university also has well-equipped libraries and laboratories with computers and Internets within campus. Once in a while you may have to make some printings or purchase recommended text books.

Accommodation and feeding were also some of the key things. At Chalmers, you can choose to prepare food from your apartment or buy from the student restaurant within campus. Most restaurants and shops within and some outside the university provide discounts to students using the student card which are always provided by the student union. You can as well use your card to get some discounts when shopping online at some particular stores, and so it’s upon every student to utilize the various available discounts stores using these cards.

A number of buses, trams and trains also operate within and outside the city. And for those who stay at some good distances away from the university, there are a number of packages from the transport company vasttrafik which can boost your transportation management. Packages vary from student age to traveling frequencies. It’s always affordable, and it shouldn’t be a big issue for those who will be living outside the city and those who intend to make some distant trips from Gothenburg. There are also other intercity trains sj that operate from Gothenburg to other cities within Sweden. Apart from the buses and trains, most students also own bikes and buying or renting one could be another option. The transport infrastructure for Gothenburg is also favorable for bike riding and the city authority as well rent bikes at a very reasonable rate.

A number of supermarkets are also available within the city that you can buy cheap things from. IKEA, Willys, Blocket among others are some of the places that you could wish to shop from and indeed you can play around with your thoughts and live a reasonable student life in Gothenburg

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