Summer, here I come!

It is soon time to experiment what might as well be a solar eclipse: for the first time since high school I will have three whole months of vacation! It will surely be a period of whirlwind; some serious relaxation and exploring are among my plans, but summer will also bring a couple of goodbyes, as some friends move back home or to another place for their second year of master.

And talking about what will be done, timely planning seems to be among the swedes’ fortes; many of the people I know have almost completely outlined what their summer will look like. For me it’s truly hard to plan ahead what is going to happen with all the free time, but on an attempt to adopt Swedish habits, I have devised a rough idea of what I’ll do during my vacations:

1. Getting done with this pile!


Having access to a nice library in the university has helped develop the possibly unhealthy compulsion of renting more books than are manageable in a study period… so part of the relaxation on this summer will result from returning the books, after I’ve read them of course!

2. Receiving my family!

My dad, mom and possibly some of my siblings plan to visit Gothenburg during the vacations. It will be interesting to see the city through new eyes again. I wonder what they’ll think about my new home!

3. Traveling around Sweden

Since it is so easy to travel abroad with a Swedish residency permit, going to other places in Europe has overshadowed the nearest surroundings so far. I feel that now is the time to turn inwards and explore Sweden a little bit more! Such a fascinating country has a lot to see. A place that I don’t want to miss is Stockholm, the fairytale-like capital of Sweden.

IMG_5139 IMG_5220

4. Midsummer

A tradition I’ve been looking forward to partake in for some time now; it involves herring, schnapps and dancing around a maypole while singing about frogs. Sounds like the perfect recipe for some old school fun!

5. CIRC work

CIRC 14′! (Picture by CFFC)

Along with my friend and student ambassador Waleed, summer will be the time where we and the rest of the committee finish the details for the reception of international students coming in autumn!

Being a few weeks away from the ”eclipse” I still don’t grasp the magnitude of three free months, but I’m definitely excited. I look forward to discover how I’ll fill around the edges of the many goodbyes, hello-agains, traveling and experimenting Swedish traditions… a proper vacation it will be! If during these months the preparations to come to Gothenburg become too stressful for you, just keep in mind that the following year you’ll have enough time to recover from it!