Living at Chalmers Student Bostader


It took me about six weeks to accept my place for accommodation when I was planning to move for studies in Sweden a year ago and I nearly lost my accommodation chance due to this delay. I was looking for a place with easy access to both the University and City centre. It was something not easy since it was my first time heading to Sweden. Well, having spent already close to a year at Chalmers, I believe all those were lack of knowledge about Gothenburg city. Chalmers University can be accessed from various parts of the city quickly and Gothenburg is a planned city with efficient transport system. You can move from one side of the city to another within minutes using any means be it by bus, tram or bike. The transport infrastructure is well designed and your location at any part of the city doesn’t matter. Whether you study at Campus Johanneberg or Campus Lindholmen, you can still access these two campuses in an efficient way. I live at Chalmers Student bostader where I have an apartment consisting of a living room/bedroom, kitchen area, bathroom and toilet all in a compact space of 18 square metres. And for all of these including, internet, electricity, heat and hot water, I only pay 3200SEK (approximately: 483 Dollars) per month.


One thing I like with my apartment is its beautiful view, I have a big window that faces the compound and the forested area behind my building. I am on the sixth floor and nothing excites me like an early morning sun rays that hit my room through the window.

Early Morning Sun rays

Within the area, we also have a Swimming pool, Sauna, a pub and TV room. It’s a great place to live in and I like it. The place is so calm and peaceful, a great reflection of the entire Gothenburg area



In front of the apartment is a beautiful compound ideal for outdoor parties and sand bathing.  A number of people use it for most outdoor events. Ideal parking place for bicycles and cars will not also miss from this area.


I study Masters Programme In Structural Engineering and Building technology and I have most of my courses at campus Johanneberg and it’s barely 10 minutes away from where I stay. A typical trip to my apartment is in the video. The first one will be from the library at campus Johanneberg through the main road while the second one is from my department through the beautiful forested area. It’s already holidays here and please join me in the journey

Oh and that’s not all. I also live very close to the city centre. Brunnsparken is the busiest place in town and I only take about 12 minutes to get there. The population in Gothenburg is only 600,000 and very compact. The furthest away you can live will still be only 30 minutes. In Uganda, it would take me much longer to cover the distances, the traffic Jam within the city and the transport system. Gothenburg city is so calm and friendly place, the security system is sound too. You shouldn’t have any worry once you are in Gothenburg, it will be a new chapter in your life to tell this story after your experience. So don’t worry about accommodation guys. Just book the one that looks good to you and rest assured that it’s going to be awesome!”