Three awarded equality award

Chalmers students Emma Olofsson and Johanna Ask are awarded this year’s Jan-Eric Sundgren Award for equality initiative.
They share the award with the Architect Students’ Gender Group.
The award was presented April 30 by the vice president Maria Knutson Wedel and Lena Mårtensson, Chairman of the Student Union’s Assembly for Social Affairs.
The award for equality initiative was instituted by Chalmers former president Jan-Eric Sundgren, and this year is the eighth time it is awarded. Only students are eligible for the award, but both students and staff can nominate candidates, “who this year have creatively inspired equality in a practical way”.
Maria Knutson Wedel, vice president of Undergraduate Studies, considers it an important award:
– Positive role models are very important when working for change and the intent of this award is to highlight such role models and practical clear actions among the students, she says.

Three award winners
It was also Maria Knutson Wedel, who presented the award winners in front of a large audience at Teknologgården:
– This year we have three award winners. They have all worked in a structured way on the issue of equality and brought it up for discussion. They have worked in different ways and at different levels, from the individual classroom to nationally in Sweden, she said.

Constantly question
The award winners were then called up on stage to receive flowers and a certificate.
Emma Olofsson is a student in the Master of Science Programme in Industrial Engineering and was awarded 2,500 SEK for her initiative:
– Emma has worked at the classroom level and constantly raised the issue of equality during lectures. She has stood her ground and given her fellow students and teachers real food for thought. Emma gets the award in order to continue to constantly question and help us improve, said Maria Knutson Wedel.

Brought life into the Equality Committee
Johanna Ask is a student in the Master of Science Programme in Automation and Mechatronic Engineering. She was also awarded 2,500 SEK:
– Johanna is taking advantage of existing structures in order to affect and work on equality issues. She has brought life into the Student Union Equality Committee, which had been shelved. She has shown commitment and drive in developing the student union’s work on equality, said Maria Knutson Wedel.

The third winner was one of many parts
Amusement spread through the audience when it was time for the third recipient of the Jan-Eric Sundgren Award to enter the stage – the Gender Group at the School of Architecture. One by one the members took the stage in a seemingly never ending stream. It was a show of force:
– How many architecture students are there? Maria Knutson Wedel joked before she and Lena Mårtensson presented the certificates and flowers to the happy group.
The Gender Group was awarded 5,000 SEK for their initiative:
– They have worked structurally at an even higher level, and worked on the issue in a new way throughout Sweden. The Gender Group has organized seminars for gender discussions and made room for the equality issue. They get the award in order to continue their important work, said the vice president.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås