Getting to know the beauty in Sweden: Lysekil

A few weeks into the summer break, my Sweden exploration plans haven’t yet been put into motion. However, that won’t mean you don’t get to know some Swedish cities until then. While describing some of the past trips I’ve had, you can see some of the beauty that Sweden has to offer, and I can try to tame my traveling bug by looking at old pictures… just until I arrive somewhere new!

Today you will see a little bit of Lysekil, a city that I visited in a team building trip with my mates in CIRC. Lysekil is a locality about an hour and a half north of Gothenburg, and just as Gothenburg it is a coastal city. Being at such a short distance in car, it is a place you can visit without much trouble or expenses. With its colorful summer houses and captivating sea scenery, it is listed it as a major tourist destination in Sweden during the months of summer.

The city is also the originator of a popular Swedish product, the creamed caviar most commonly sold as Kalles Kaviar. Though disliked by some, this salty deliciousness may become part of your fridge while living here.


Bread with Kalles Kaviar and boiled eggs – a popular swedish dish. (Picture extracted from

And so, pictures will show much more than I can say. Below are some of the ones taken during those two days in Lysekil:


A cozy summer house by the beach


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A curious thing about the scenery in Lysekil is the beach. As a Caribbean, I’m well used to the palm tree filled, white sanded beaches; and while I can certainly recognize their beauty, it is fair to say that for me they are common. Sweden, on the other hand, has had several glaciation periods which have led to a completely different landscape from the one in my island. The areas close to the sea tend to be surrounded by hard rock with the sea line at sight interrupted by dozens of rocky islands. As I stared in awe to the tall rocks, I described what I was seeing as majestic; but for a Swedish friend, this beach classified as common. One of the most enriching things of being in a new place is appreciating how differently people can perceive everyday things!


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While exploring the whereabouts, it was lovely to see the summer flowers sprouting among the rocks:

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Sunset caught us walking in the city center, not before stumbling into Gamla Stan (The Old Street) and the dock, where we saw sculptures and unusually designed benches.

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In the following weeks I hope to show you some of the others I have visited; that is if I don’t manage to start visiting new ones!