Construction time @ #chalmersftw

The tram- and bus stop at Chalmersplatsen is closed for a total renovation this summer.

In some sense it’s just like in the Depeche Mode album classic ”Construction time again” from 1983.
New tracks will be installed and better room for the buses will be put in place.
If you intend to be here earlier the stop will be closed until August 17, when it’s scheduled to open again.
But don’t worry – it’s still possible to get to campus, only a little bit trickier.
Yours faithfully blog editor took a stroll and shot some pictures to give you a hint on how the site looks right now.
It really is ”Construction time again” here at our dear Chalmers, and has been for some time now.
Meanwhile we can sing along with Dave Gahan in the true Depeche classic song ”Pipeline”:

Get out the crane
Construction time again
What is it this time

We’re laying on a pipeline

Let the beads of sweat flow
Until the ends have met, though
It could take a long time

Working on a pipeline
Taking from the greedy, giving to the needy

On this golden day
Work’s been sent our way
That could last a lifetime

Working on a pipeline

From the heart of the land
To the mouth of the man
Must reach him sometime

We’re laying on a pipeline

Taking from the greedy, giving to the needy

— Martin L Gore

Photo: Michael Nystås

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Listen to ”Construction time again” >>>

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