Kulturkalas: The proxy curtain call to summer

Göteborg KulturKalas,or the Gothenburg Culture Festival, seemed like the formal curtain call to the vivid and vibrant summer that lasted for full three months. The temperature already is dropping steadily, rains are getting more frequent, and the trees have already begun shedding leaves!

The curtain call, even if it was, was done in style for an entire week in Göteborg. In previous years, the city municipality had spent upto 22 million SEK for these events, so that the entire city could enjoy it for free! This year’s Kulturkalas was from the 12th-17th of August. With more than 500 separate events happening all through the day, everyday, the stretch of the city centre running along Avenyn was more alive than usual with music, dance, art, food and an outpour of people peddling through the streets.

I was able to save myself only for the weekend events, and it was quite a spectacle, as expected . Famous Swedish artist Laleh, enthralled a strong crowd of at least ten thousand along with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The success story of Laleh encapsulates the Swedish spirit very well – Laleh is an Iranian-born entertainer, who moved to Sweden when she was 12 and has ever since found the right platforms to grow up to be the star performer she is. She hails from Göteborg! The multi-cultural assimilation that Sweden is known for clearly worked in the case of Laleh.

Laleh's performance with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Laleh’s performance with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

This performance apart, I was also as another casual symphony orchestra, where unpaid musicians, voluntarily trained and performed the music scores of many fantasy movies ranging from The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others. Being the fantasy fanatic I am, I was quite thrilled to be there.
The international street market which was put up, was nothing but a palette of global cuisine. After seeing a post on a social network by an acquaintance about Australian Barbecue, I HAD to be there at their stall. I tried their famous kangaroo burger and crocodile burger, although with a guilty conscience. I violated a recent promise to myself that I would try not to eat wild animals. But then, I am no Buddha and I am corruptible. Have told myself will stay under control next time on 😉

The Hungarian Langos, which I have already eaten were also enticing the poor me, and I succumbed to them, yet again. Spanish Paella, was another item I tried in this market. Events like these are tailor-made for people like myself, who like to enjoy good music, outdoor ambience and variety in food – wait, that’s the stereotype Gothenburger’s traits!

While the sun will shine for at least two more months, with lessening warmth, I shall bravely brace the winter with memories like this and also events like ColorMeRad, which I shall talk about in my post, next week.

Fantasy orchestra!

Fantasy orchestra!

Ferry Band :)

Ferry Band 🙂

International Street Market, or at least a portion of it

International Street Market, or at least a portion of it