Diversity in Chalmers

By coming to study in Chalmers it is expected that you will experience Swedish culture. What I didn’t consider was that I could get to know ways of life from all around the world, all the while staying in the quiet city of Gothenburg.

These days CIRC has been working arduously in a month-long plan to receive over 900 international students to Chalmers. Exhaustingly but rewardingly, it is the first time I participate a in project aimed at such a large amount of people. And part of the magic in it is that this incredibly large amount of students comes from an equally large amount of countries! I thought that you would like to see the statistics from the students that have applied for a Phadder:

Here are the numbers by country:


Numbers gathered by Skuld 🙂

This results in a handsome, very colorful graph:

To have a better idea of the distributions, here is a graph with the five countries that contribute the most and the remaining by continent:


Can you imagine all of these cultures coming together in just one place? It is indescribable. I advise you to grab every chance you have during your student life and let yourself be washed over by your mates’ experiences from their corner of the world. Conversations about beliefs, ways of thought and the sharing of those things that make up conventional life in other places (such as the food!) are a small part of what has enriched my stay here. Studying abroad not only has provided me an opportunity to improve my professional life, but has also opened my eyes to the world like never before.