It’s that (Nobel) time of the year again

Nobel 2104 is here!

Nobel 2104 is here!

News  must have already percolated, and the reader might be aware of the announcements for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology which were made today. The winners this year – John O´Keefe, May‐Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser, receive it for their work about what is being dubbed as the ”internal GPS” in the brain. More announcements as the tradition has been will follow, daily this week.

Tomorrow the Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced. A gathering usually awaits in the Physics department at Chalmers eagerly, to discuss the ramifications of the prize.  Will keep a look out for it, and drop into the discussion.

Schedule for this year's announcements

Schedule for this year’s announcements

The intellectual festivity that the Nobel Prize culture is, beginning now until the grand reception later in December, provides us students in Sweden brilliant opportunities to meet these inspiring people, and have an up-close experience of the whole event. Although the centre for these events is mostly Stockholm, Gothenburg being the second largest city and with Chalmers and Göteborg Universities, many peripheral but important events are held annually.

Once the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry are announced, I am hoping Chalmers will soon work out events around these laureates. For instance, two of the winners in Chemistry last year were at Chalmers. Chalmerists interviewed Arieh Warshel, which you should watch once you’re done with the post here.  I was at a lecture by the other recipient Michael Levitt,  Sometimes, it could get as exquisite as Nobel laureates reading a play for you!

Going by this reputation of Chalmers, I am looking forward to the Nobel Academy announcements first, and then for the events at Chalmers.

It might also be of relevance in this post to mention Gustaf Dalén – Chalmers alumnus, whose Nobel Prize is displayed in Chalmers Student Union!