Bridge design and inquisitiveness in my studies

Gota Alv River photo

My group members with our site photo

One inquisitiveness in my undergraduate studies was that I wanted to complete my Master’s degree before getting done with my undergraduate. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and there was too much dangling. I can’t tell you more about it because it’s too boring. In brief, my undergraduate degree was civil engineering and during those academic days, I would always move around telling friends how I am going to build great things once I get done with it. After completion, I was shocked to find out that I was still too far from what I have been talking. Of course, I couldn’t do it with my undergraduate studies and besides I needed more experience in the field. I told you this was boring!

Now just a year into my master’s studies, everything is turning to reality. Since the beginning of this semester, we have been involved in designing a bridge over Gota Alv River in Gothenburg. The bridge design which is part of the class project and a prerequisite for passing one of my courses will be connecting the two parts of Gothenburg city located on both sides of the river. The design condition is that the bridge should fit within a given program and context and it should be openable to allow big ships to pass through, the overall span of the bridge is 0.4Km long. We have seven groups in class and each group come up with seven bridge concepts basing on the program. The first seven concepts were presented three weeks back. The presentation took place in front of a jury and students at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The second presentation that included refining the initial seven ideas and coming up with the best three were presented last Wednesday October 8th, 2014 together with each bridge model. Now the final presentation will be held on Wednesday October 29th, 2014 from 08:00 to 15.00. Each group is required to refine their design and come up with one of the best and reasons as to why they feel it’s the winning bridge. There will also be showcasing of the final bridge models on that day. With all this reality starting to show up at this last moment of my graduate studies, a totally new mood is showing up in my life.

Some of the photos from the second presentation

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Some of the bridge concepts that made it to the second stage with spectacular opening mechanisms for bigger ships to pass through.

Diamond bridgepromenade



Students during their first site visit at the river

Site visit